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In tribute to 3 stormchasers killed in the 2013 El Reno tornado, dozens of stormchasers aligned themselves so that their GPS transponder locations spelled out the initials of those lost on an overhead map of the US.

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The area in and around Oklahoma City has been hit by 5 F5 tornadoes in the last 20 years, and one of them was the strongest ever recorded with wind speeds of over 300 mph (1999, Moore) while another was the second strongest and the widest ever recorded at 2.7 miles wide (2013, El Reno).

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  1. The largest tornado ever recorded was the El Reno tornado on May 31 in El Reno, OK (2.6 miles or 4.2km wide)

  2. The widest recorded tornado in the world was the 2013 El Reno Tornado which struck near El Reno, Oklahoma and measured 2.6 miles in width

  3. The largest tornado ever was 2.6 miles wide and touched down in El Reno, OK on May 31st, 2013

  4. The largest tornado in recorded history was Friday's May 31, 2013 EF-5 tornado in El Reno, Oklahoma, the National Weather Service in Norman, Oklahoma announced on Tuesday. The EF-5 re-classification was based upon Doppler radar data taken by Oklahoma University's mobile RaXPol radar.

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