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It is estimated that trillions of oysters once surrounded New York City, filtering bacteria and acting as a natural buffer against storm surges.

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There is a published scientific theory on the parting of the Red Sea for Moses to cross. This theory places Moses north of the Red Sea, in Lake Tanis, where a possible storm surge receded the waters. This would give him 4 hours to cross a 4km land bridge before the waters filled back in.

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  1. In 1991 many of the towns located on Buzzards Bay's shores were devastated by Hurricane Bob's storm surges.

  2. Heavy waves caused by hurricanes are called storm surges.

  3. A storm tide in the North Sea dating back to 1228 reportedly killed over 100,000 people, and in 1362 another storm surge that hit the southern coast killed over 100,000 people. In 1953 the North Sea flood killed more than 2,000 people as it flooded several coasts. In 1962 another 315 people were killed in Hamburg due to another sea flood.

  4. The coasts of Denmark, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands are threatened by storm surges in the North Sea, which are caused by barometric pressure changes and strong wave action.

  5. Planning for the Delta Works began in 1953, after centuries of floods that not only destroyed property, but took thousands of lives. The Delta Works consist of storm surge barriers, dams, locks, levees and dikes, all designed to enlarge the land, shorten the coastline and protect their land from the ocean.

  6. The serious threat of a hurricane to Houston. In the worst scenario, access to dozens of refineries would be blocked, likely driving gas to $7/gallon as a result while a storm surge of 30 feet (more than Katrina) would cause over $100bn in damage.

  7. The Delta Works - one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, a construction project consisting of dams, sluices, locks, dykes, and storm surge barriers, designed to protect the Netherlands from the sea. The work started in 1958 and was declared finished after almost 50 years in 1997.

  8. The Dutch actually made an inflatable storm surge barrier. Today, it deployed in the stormy weather.

  9. Storm surges often result in flooding in the Central Baltic Sea. There have been 110 floods in Warnemunde from 1950 to 2000 alone.

  10. A hurricane that hit Charleston [South Carolina, USA] in 1752 caused a storm surge that nearly covered the entire present downtown area, according to one source. When the wind shifted, the water level fell 5 feet in 10 minutes," writes the United States Geological Survey on 13 November 2002.

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storm surge fact data chart about CERA visualization of Hurricane Harvey storm surge with gaug
CERA visualization of Hurricane Harvey storm surge with gauge station water level prediction and comparison

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Its common for a hurricanes' storm surge to move coffins out of cemeteries and to disperse them miles inland.

The Oosterscheldekering, the largest of the 13 series of dams and storm surge barriers, designed to protect the Netherlands from flooding from the North Sea. It has been declared one of the modern Seven Wonders of the World by the American Society of Civil Engineers - source

Seiches (lake storm surge) in Lake Erie can cause the water to raise/fall by 6-8 ft. - source

The 1970 Bhola cyclone that struck East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and India's West Bengal on 12 November 1970 was the deadliest tropical cyclone ever recorded, killing up to 500,000 people as a result of the storm surge.

About the Storm Surge, a low pressure induced bump of water traveling under a Hurricane's center. Irma's storm surge is apparently 15 feet high. - source

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On This Day in History Sept. 10 1960 Hurricane Donna Hit the Florida Keys with 130 MPH Winds, 13 Ft Storm Surge, Washing Out Bridges, Breaking the Freshwater Pipeline, Decimating Crops

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Numerous books and articles refer to a tropical cyclone that hit Mumbai in 1882, killing over 100,000 and bringing an 18-foot storm surge. The storm has been found to be hoax.

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