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Over 2000 wild coyotes live in downtown Chicago and help keep the city's rat and goose populations down.

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Meigs Field, a popular airport in Downtown Chicago that was intentionally destroyed in the middle of the night

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  1. 844 people drowned in 20 feet of water in the middle of downtown Chicago when their tour boat capsized on the river.

  2. The Great Chicago Flood 25 years ago started in January but didn't flood the entire downtown until April.

  3. The SS Eastland, a passenger ship that capsized in it's dock in downtown Chicago, killing 844 people.

  4. The base-jumping scene in Transformers 3 wasn't done with special effects, but actually filmed with base jumpers in downtown Chicago

  5. A blimp once caught fire and crashed through the skylight of a bank in downtown Chicago; leading to reform on where aircraft are allowed to fly

  6. About the Winged Foot Express dirigible accident over downtown Chicago in 1919. It was the deadliest dirigible accident in the USA until the Hindenburg.

  7. Chicago's old Main Post Office building downtown (at it's time the largest) was initially intended to have a flat roof that would have been used as a plane Landing strip

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