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The "whistling" noise used to indicate bombs falling in movies and TV shows is almost always the wrong way round. Anyone underneath a bomb that made such a sound (only specific WW2-era bombs) would hear the pitch increasing as it got closer, not decreasing, due to the Doppler effect.

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That, due to the Doppler effect, a musical piece being emitted from a source traveling twice the speed of sound would be heard in correct time and tune, but backwards.

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  1. There was a design flaw in the Huygens lander's communications system. Scientists were unable to make a firmware update on the Cassini Spacecraft, so they plotted an alternative orbital trajectory that would use the Doppler effect to correct the programming error.

  2. Bats shift the pitch of their echolocation frequencies when targeting objects moving toward or away from them in order to compensate for the doppler effect, thus ensuring that all returning echos are the same frequency.

  3. In response to predators, the American Avocet issues a series of call notes that gradually increases pitch, simulating the Doppler effect and thus making its approach seem faster than it actually is.

  4. Galaxies are red shifted due to the expansion of the universe stretching the light waves, not because of The Doppler Effect

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