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Teddy Roosevelt was an avid boxer and became the first American ever to receive a brown belt in Judo. He lined the White House basement with training mats and sparred with anyone that was willing including boxing champion John Sullivan, his wife, and a Swiss minister.

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Dogs circle around because of their ancestors.The process of circling around before finding a place to sleep would mat down grass, as well as scare away any bugs or snakes that might be in the place they want to sleep.

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  1. In 1999 BMX legend Mat Hoffman flew to Canada to have his ACL replaced. He chose to do so without any anesthesia and even helped the doctor steady the drill as it went through the bone. He was walking and back on his bike 6 days later.

  2. A man who was burned by the burning mat at Burning Man tried to sue the event's organizers, claiming that they should have prevented him from walking into the fire.

  3. The Soviet gold medalist Elena Mukhina was forced back to practice with an unhealed broken leg, which didn't give her enough power to do a flip and broke her neck on the mat making her quadriplegic for life in 1980. After the accident she said "Thank God I don't have to go to the Olympics".

  4. In Japanese folklore, there is a 'futon(sleeping mat) spirit'. If it feels neglected, the futon will rise up and roam the house at night, looking for people to strangle.

  5. The English chess term "checkmate" is derived from the Persian phrase "shah mat", which means "the king is dead".

  6. The body of Mats Israelsson was preserved so well in vitriol in the Falun Mine that when his body was found 40 years after his death he looked like he had just died

  7. A Yellowstone hot spring with 'brilliant yellows, greens, and oranges' has been caused by humans throwing in rocks, coins and garbage. This has clogged vents, lowered temperatures and allowed colorful microbial mats to thrive

  8. Checkmate" comes from the Persian phrase "Shah Mat" meaning "The King is Dead"

  9. Samoyed sheds a lot and it requires daily brushing and combing to prevent tangling and matting of fur. Despite its long and dense coat, Samoyed doesn"t have typical canine odor (even when it is completely wet).

  10. The traditional Shawnee home was a wigwam, not a tepee. These were round houses made of wooden frames covered with birchbark and woven mats. They could be shaped like domes, cones, or rectangles.

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Lingonberry grows in the form of low shrub which forms dense mats on the ground. It can reach 4 to 16 inches in height. Lingonberry produces numerous creeping shoots that are green and hairy while they are young.

Various indigenous tribes used yucca for the manufacture of sandals, clothes, baskets and mats.

Bolognese dog is suitable for people that are allergic to dog's hair because its fur sheds minimally. It needs to be brushed each day to prevent matting and tangling of fur.

Fertilized eggs float on the surface of the ocean until they hatch. Larvae grow fast during the first three months of their life. They hide in dense mats formed by Sargassum (brown algae) and feed on zooplankton until they become large enough to consume fish.

Labradoodle with fleece-like fur is odorless and it sheds minimally, but its coat has tendency to tangle and mat. Labradoodle with hairy fur sheds the most and it requires one or two brushing per week, like many other types of medium shedders.

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Yorkshire Terrier does not shed much. Its hair grows constantly and it needs to be combed each day to prevent formation of tangles and mats.

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Bladderwort has long, horizontal stem that can reach 8 to 80 inches in length and 4 to 10 inches in height. Aquatic species often form dense mats below the surface of the water.

Cattail leaves are used in the industry of paper, furniture (such as chair seating) and mats. Entire plant can be used for the construction of rafts and boats.

Australian Shepherd sheds heavily two times per year (during the spring and autumn). It should be groomed at least once per week to prevent matting.

American Eskimo dog sheds a lot. It should be groomed at least two to three times per week to prevent matting.

Johnny Rotten, Kim Cattrall, Mats Wilander, and the Four Tops were all scheduled to be on Pan Am Flight 103, which was bombed by Libyan nationals, but missed it due to random events.

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Andre Agassi smashed his Wimbledon trophy and all of his tennis awards in a fit of jealousy rage after witnessing on the set of 'Friends' his then-girlfriend Brooke Shields kissing Mat Le Blanc for an episode of the series. The scene, shot in 1995, made Agassi storm off the set.

Dense mats formed on the surface of the water reduce amount of light and oxygen in the water and negatively affect survival of the fish and water birds.

Crowberry is low shrub that can reach only 10 inches in height. It forms dense mat on the ground.

Emperor Wenxuan of Northern Qi made condemned prisoners strap on bamboo mats as wings, and forced them to jump from a tower. They were all killed, and "the emperor contemplated the spectacle with enjoyment and much laughter."

Havanese doesn"t shed much, but it needs to be brushed each day to prevent formation of mats.

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Don Mattingly played for the New York Yankees for 14 years and did not win a World Series. He is the only player in Yankees history to have his number retired who hasn't won a World Series.

Accessories for the Xbox 360 included headsets, custom faceplates, wired controllers, wireless controllers, a steering wheel, a webcam, dance mats, memory units, and hard drives.

Native Americans used bark of sagebrush for the manufacture of mats. Flour made of ground seed was important part of their diet.

Maine Coon should be brushed two times per week to remove dead hairs and prevent formation of mats.

The Mat and Ta rivers merge to form the Matta River, the Po and Ni rivers merge to form the Poni River, and the Matta and Poni merge to form the Mattaponi River

Alligator weed produces dense mats on the surface of water and prevents growth of native plant species and commercially important crops such as soybean, sugar cane and rice.

Fire moss forms dense, cushion-like mats on the ground. Its miniature stems can reach 0.5 inches in height.

The Monkey's Paw in Toronto has the world's first "Biblio-Mat", a vending machine that will dispense a randomly selected vintage volume for $2.

Mosquitoes and flea beetles lay eggs in dense mats of parrot feather.

Thick fur of American Cocker Spaniel needs to be groomed each day to prevent formation of tangles and mats.

Parrot feather has long, brown, intertwined stem that can reach 5 feet in height. It forms dense mats on the surface of the water.

Water primrose has erect stem that can reach up to 10 feet in height (1/3 of stem is usually positioned above the water). Red or green-colored stem floats on the surface of water or grows from the wet soil. Colonies of water primrose form dense floating mats on the surface of the water.

BMX Rider, Mat Hoffman, went through an experimental ACL surgery where a doctor drilled through his knee and inserted a synthetic ligament, all while in a hotel room and with NO anesthesia. He was riding again in one week.

Bichon Frise belongs to the group of hypoallergenic dogs that are suitable for people that are allergic to dog's hair. Its thick double coat doesn"t shed much, but it needs to be groomed regularly to prevent matting and tangling of fur. Grooming of Bichon Frise is time consuming and hard job.

Dense mats of parrot feather reduce amount of light in the water and prevent photosynthetic activity of submerged plants.

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