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National ensign of France is not divided into equal parts, but instead into a ratio of 30:33:37, to compensate for the flapping of the flag making the furthest segment appear smaller

how many ways can 32 be divided equally?

Märket, a tiny island divided by the finnish-swedish border. When the finns inadvertedly built a lighthouse on the wrong side of the border, the swedes agreed to trade it for an equal spot of land on the other side, causing the border to zig-zag.

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  1. In some species of yeast, mother cell divides in two equal daughter cells. This is known as fission.

  2. The symbol that is most often used to represent density is ρ. Dome also use the Latin D. The equation is ρ = m/V (density equals mass divided by volume).

  3. Common feature for all starfish is that their body is radially symmetrical. That means that their body can be divided in five equal pieces (even if they have more than five arms).

  4. Orchids can have single flower or racemose inflorescence. Each flower is bilateral symmetric, which means that it can be divided in two equal parts.

  5. Body of sea urchins has radial symmetry. That means that each sea urchin can be divided in five equal parts.

  6. The reason hours and minutes are made of up 60 minutes or seconds is because 60 is a "highly composite number", meaning it has more divisors than any number below it. This makes it easier to divide time into equal increments.

  7. There's a time system called Swatch Internet Time which consist in dividing the solar day in 1000 equal parts called ".beats". It doesn't use any form of time zone.

  8. If a circular pizza is divided into 8, 12, 16, ... slices by making cuts at equal angles from any point, then the sums of the areas of alternate slices are equal, no matter where that point is. (e.g. 2 people can take turns removing a slice, and slices are removed in clockwise way)

  9. If divided equally, the US economy only has $4,797.50 for each man, woman and child.

  10. The Shashtiamsa in Hindu astrology refers to the 60th division or varga of a Rasi or Sign equally divided or half-degree each.

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divided equally fact data chart about South Australia divided into 3 regions of equal population (
South Australia divided into 3 regions of equal population (x-post from /r/Australia)

divided equally fact data chart about The West vs. The Rest: The World Divided Into Two Approximat
The West vs. The Rest: The World Divided Into Two Approximately Equal Halves by Military Expenditures

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The International Fixed Calendar with thirteen equal divisions of the year is superior to measure profits, schedule events, keep track of holidays, divide labor/service schedules and each month begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday

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divided equally fact infographic about Population of Belgium divided in three (nearly) equal parts

Population of Belgium divided in three (nearly) equal parts

divided equally fact infographic about The Netherlands divided into ten parts of equal population

The Netherlands divided into ten parts of equal population

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