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Psychogenic death is real. It isn't suicide, it isn't linked to depression, but the act of giving up on life and dying usually within days, is a very real condition often linked to severe trauma. People die because they have given up and feel life has beaten them and defeat is inescapable.

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Alan Turing was charged with "gross indencency" after self-reporting a burglary and telling the police about the relationship he had with a man he suspected was involved. He chose chemical castration as his sentence. This caused him to grow breasts, become depressed, triggers for his suicide.

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  1. The Milton Hershey School barred a student, Abbie Bartels was barred from graduating because of her depression and reported suicidal ideations. After learning that she is not allowed to attend graduation, Abbie committed suicide.

  2. Branden Bremmer, a child prodigy who read books at 18 months, played the piano at age 3 and started college at age 11, commited suicide at age 14 with no signs of depression, no suicide note or pressure form his parents to succeed.

  3. Abraham Lincoln suffered from a lifelong "melancholy," a condition we now call clinical depression. His suffering was so severe, that his community had to put him under a "suicide watch."

  4. A simple measurement of the sweat gland activity of a depressed person can determine if he or she is suicidal – with 97 per cent accuracy.

  5. In 1970 Billy Joel attempted suicide by drinking nail polish and wrote a suicide note about how he was feeling. He survived, and used the note as the lyrics for his famous song "Tomorrow is Today", and wrote "You're Only Human" to help people with depression who are contemplating suicide.

  6. Owen Wilson attempted suicide and was subsequently treated for depression. A few days after his hospitalization, Wilson withdrew from his role in Tropic Thunder. He was replaced by Matthew McConaughey.

  7. Since the introduction of the smart phone depression rates among teens has increased more than 60% and suicide rates have increased 56%.

  8. Matthew McConaughey replaced Owen Wilson in 'Tropic Thunder' after Wilson's battle with depression and attempt at suicide by overdosing and slitting his wrists

  9. The original board game of "the game of life" was much more depressing than the modern one we know of today. It included the chances of getting Poverty, ruin, Prison time, and even Suicide.

  10. In 1988, Ken Griffey Jr attempted suicide by swallowing 277 aspirin pills. On his failed attempt, Griffey, Jr. stated, "It seemed like everyone was yelling at me in baseball, then I came home and everyone was yelling at me there. I got depressed. I got angry. I didn't want to live."

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depressed suicidal fact data chart about Spikes in weight gain depict periods of episodic depression,
Spikes in weight gain depict periods of episodic depression, with my largest gain coinciding with suicidal ideations. Sorry for being morbid.

depressed suicidal fact data chart about Wednesday's are particularly difficult with my depression, s
Wednesday's are particularly difficult with my depression, suicidal thoughts really sap productivity

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In 1845 a severely depressed dog tried to commit suicide by jumping into a river and refusing to make any attempt to escape (which goes against natural instincts). Even after being rescued, the dog ran back to the river. Eventually, the dog succeeded and died.

In 2000, a study was done in which 20 healthy non-depressed volunteers were given the SSRI antidepressant Zoloft (Sertraline). Two weeks into the study two volunteers became dangerously suicidal. - source

A 2016 study determined that drug companies withheld results indicating that anti-depressants can nearly double the likelihood of suicide and violent behavior - source

Dolphins don't have automatic respiration and have to willingly take each breath. Many depressed dolphins in captivity "commit suicide" by just ceasing to take breaths.

The song Jeremy(Pearl Jam) is about Jeremy Wade Delle who walked into class and committed suicide in front of 31 people due to depression. - source

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The autopsy of Robbin Williams revealed he had Lewi body dementia, which is thought to have been "the critical factor" that led to his suicide; not depression. Neither drugs nor alcohol was found in his blood. RIP.

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Sylvester Stallone's uncompromising character John Rambo committed suicide in the original cut of First Blood (1982). This was changed because it was considered too depressing, and the new ending allowed for the later big-budget sequels.

Penguins can get depression and are committing suicide by wandering into the dangerous Antarctic mountains - and almost nobody knows why

A drug company developed anti-weed. Rimonabant, literally the opposite of THC, reduces appetite, causes suicidal depression and improves short-term memory.

The photographer Kevin Carter committed suicide because of depression after he took a picture showcasing a little frail famine-stricken girl collapsed in the foreground with a vulture eyeing her from nearby.

The idea that suicide is more common during the winter months is actually a myth, rates peak during the spring and summer. Considering depression rates are highest during winter, it's theorized that the relative cheerfulness of spring/summer finally gives people the motivation to commit suicide.

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Lincoln had depression for most of his life and often contemplated suicide.

Joseph Grimaldi, the first modern clown (to perform in white facepaint), was a depressed alcoholic who attempted suicide by poison but only gave himself stomach cramps

Ric Weiland, Microsoft's second employee, quietly donated to various organizations, including 11 different LGBTQ nonprofits. By the time of his passing in 2006 - suicide following a battle with depression - he had donated $21.5 million, and bequeathed an additional $170 million.

Robin Williams commited suicide because of Lewy Body Dementia, not depression.

Around one in four doctors experience depression, but are much less likely to receive treatment due to fear they will be punished professionally. The profession also has one of the highest rates of suicide among all professions.

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There is an episode of Tom & Jerry in which they're both suicidally depressed because of love. The episode ends with them both sitting on a train track with the intention of ending their lives, as an approaching train is heard.

An analysis of over 200 social studies contends that high religiousness predicts a lower risk of depression and drug abuse and fewer suicide attempts, and more reports of satisfaction with sex life and a sense of well-being.

Suicides news can affect people with depression, specially if the suicidal was a relative or someone famous. The suicide rate has increased by 10% after the death of Robin Williams.

Oxygen deprivation worsens depression, which has caused Colorado Springs, CO (with its high altitude) to become the second most suicidal city in the U.S.

The Zanesville Massacre of 2011": A depressed man released his collection of exotic wild animals before committing suicide. As a result, all 50 animals were killed by law enforcement and it is now illegal to own exotic animals as pets in Ohio.

Project Bluebird(a CIA project)researchers dosed over 7,000 U.S. military personnel with LSD, without their knowledge or consent. Years after the experiment, more than 1000 of these soldiers suffered from several illnesses, including depression and epilepsy. Many of them committed suicide.

Hell Itch, a condition which affects ~5-10% of sunburn sufferers. An acute sunburn itch which can be completely debilitating, it can be as severe as chronic pain and can lead to suicide, sleep deprivation, depression, and aggressiveness.

Martin Manley--who had no health issues, no legal issues, no financial problems, no loss of loved ones, and no loneliness or depression--committed suicide in 2013 and documented his biography and motive for suicide thoroughly in an online blog that is still viewable today

The inventor of nylon suffered from depression and alcoholism, and committed suicide in 1937 because he felt he had "no good ideas left".

People in South Korea undergo their own "mock" burials to fight depression. They have participants dress in traditional funeral garb before they are sealed inside a coffin for 10 minutes. The exercise is meant to change how the individual views suicide and death to fight SK's high suicide rate.

Abraham Lincoln suffered a major depressive episode in 1840-1, and his friends were so concerned he might be suicidal that they hid his razor

There is a free, 24/7 Crisis Line that you can TEXT to talk to someone about depression, anxiety, eating disorders, bullying, suicidal thoughts, and more. [US: 741741 - UK: 85258 - Canada: 686868]

A woman in Indiana was jailed for over a year after being charged with murder and feticide when she attempted suicide while depressed and pregnant. An officer began investigating her within 30 minutes of her child's death.

David Foster Wallace lost his battle with depression and committed suicide in 2008. He was 46 years old.

Beatrice Sparks (the writer of Go Ask Alice) was approached to edit the journal of woman's deceased son, who had battled depression and committed suicide at 16. The result was Jay's Journal, which tells the story of a teenage boy drawn into Satanism. Of 212 chapters, only 21 were factual.

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