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During the Iran Hostage Crisis, American embassy staff tried to burn classified documents but the furnace malfunctioned, forcing them to use cheap paper shredders. After the takeover, Iran employed carpet weavers to put the shredded documents together.

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During the 444 day Iran Hostage Crisis, Khomeini released a group of women and African Americans, deeming them to be victims of “the oppression of American society.”

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  1. Pistachios in the US are no longer dyed red as a result of the Iran Hostage Crisis (sanctions against Iran). Red dye was used to cover staining that picking methods in Iran left. US production increased, and quicker harvesting eliminated the shell stains - and the need for the dye.

  2. The Hostages Involved in the Iran Hostage Crisis Were Given Lifetime Passes to MLB Games

  3. The American hostages in Iran received lifetime passes to any minor league or Major League Baseball game upon their return

  4. During the Iran Hostage Crisis, The hostage-takers, declaring their solidarity with other "oppressed minorities" & women, released 13 women & African Americans, & a man with multiple sclerosis in the middle of the crisis.

  5. "Death to America" Day is Celebrated Annually in Iran since the Hostage Taking of Americans on November 4, 1979 (Officially becoming a Holiday in 1987)

  6. When Iran took American hostages during the 1979 Iran Hostage Crisis, they released 13 African Americans and women, citing their kinship to the oppressed American minorities and noting the special place women hold in Islam.

  7. Ross Perot organized and funded a private military team to rescue two of his employees held hostage in Iran during the Iranian Revolution.

  8. The DoD in 1980 stuck rockets to a C-130 Aircraft to enable it to land in a soccer stadium in Iran to pickup 52 US Hostages.

  9. "Awareness ribbons" were started in the early 1970's by Penney Laingen, the wife of a hostage in Iran, and was inspired by the hit song "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree"by Tony Orlando and Dawn.

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Operation Credible Sport...a 2nd mission to rescue American hostages in Iran by a rocket propelled C-130 Hercules landing in a soccer stadium across the street from the embassy in Tehran. The op was cancelled when the Iranian parliament accepted a plan to release the hostages.

Tony Mendez, a CIA officer, posed as a filmmaker to rescue six US hostages in Iran in 1980 by having them pose as a Canadian film crew. - source

When the 1980 helicopter mission to rescue U.S. Embassy hostages in Iran was aborted after the helicopters were caught in a sandstorm and 8 U.S. soldiers were killed, Ayatollah Khomeini proclaimed that God had protected Iran by "throwing sand" at the American forces. - source

"Grill Flame," a 1979 CIA project using psychics to spy on hostages in Iran via Remote-Viewing.

On Nov 4, 1979 in Tehran, Iran student unions loyal to Ayatollah Khomeini, originally planned a 'symbolic occupation' of the US embassy began a standoff known as the Iran Hostage Crisis holding fifty-two American diplomats and citizens hostage for 444 days. - source

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Jimmy Carter halted the immigration of Iranians into the United States during the Iran Hostage Crisis.

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President Carter prohibited Iranian immigration during the Iran Hostage Crisis.

During the Iran Hostage Crisis, a planned rescue attempt involved outfitting a Hercules aircraft with front and backwards firing rocket thrusters, allowing it to land in a sports stadium. However, during a test, the rockets were misfired, which resulted in the starboard wing being torn off.

In Iran, "The American Hostage Crisis" is called "The Conquest of the American Spy Den."

Jimmy Carter banned Iranians from entering the United States during the Iran hostage crisis.

A sand storm destroyed Jimmy Carter's presidency. During the Iran Hostage Crisis, the rescue mission ran into a haboob and had to abort. Iranians claimed divine intervention from Allah.

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