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There is a text version of the Suicide Hotline, called Crisis Text Line: Text to 741741 the word HOME and you are connected to a crisis counselor

If you text 741741 you'll text a suicide prevention line 24/7. I hope this will save some lives!

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  1. There is a Crisis Text Line available 24/7 in the US and in some other countries. You just text “hello” to 741741. Think suicide hotline except not just for suicidal thoughts and by text.

  2. There is a free, 24/7 Crisis Line that you can TEXT to talk to someone about depression, anxiety, eating disorders, bullying, suicidal thoughts, and more. [US: 741741 - UK: 85258 - Canada: 686868]

  3. Crisis Text Line, a free SMS text message service ( 741741 ) for people who needed help in any crisis issues ( not only Suicide ) Now available in USA, Canada and UK

  4. There is a 24/7 crisis text service for people who are in need of support but are uncomfortable speaking on the phone. Text HOME to 741741 anytime, about any type of crisis.

  5. The crisis support hotline text number, 741741, actually refers to 2 different organizations, 1 in America and 1 in Canada, and you can text different keywords for different types of crises.

  6. People can text 741741 if they are considering suicide instead of calling the hotline. This is to help with teens who may not feel comfortable calling.

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