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Abraham Lincoln, who ran as a Republican during the era of Whigs and Democrats, was America’s last third-party candidate to successfully win the presidency.

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The racist use of 'coon' started out as a political insult. The Whig party used a raccoon as it's emblem, and were referred to as "coons" by their opponents. In the 1830s the Whig's were seen a too sympathetic to African-Americans.

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  1. Four Presidents of the U.S. were members of the 'Whig Party' (1833-60). The Whigs supported the supremacy of Congress over the Presidency. The party was ultimately destroyed by the question of whether to allow the expansion of slavery to the territories.

  2. He was elected to the Senate as a member of the Whig Party in 1836. He served as a senator for seven years.

  3. John Quincy Adams, 6th US president, belonged to five different political parties throughout his lifetime: Federalist, Democratic-Republican, National Republican, Anti-Masonic, and Whig.

  4. Benjamin Harrison had grown up in a Whig home but became a Republican in 1856 after the party was formed.

  5. When the Federalist Party began to lose steam in the early 1800s the members either went to the Whig Party or Democratic Party.

  6. American President John Tyler was expelled from his own party(Whigs), after vetoing a bank bill and refusing to resign the presidency.

  7. Fillmore, the 13th US president, was the only Whig president who did not die in office or get expelled from the party

  8. Chester was first a member of the Whig Party and when that party became defunct he joined the Republican Party in the mid-1850s.

  9. Jubal was a member of the Whig Party, which formed in 1834 but dissolved just before the Civil War.

  10. In 1844, the Whig Party's nominee for U.S. President, Henry Clay, used the official campaign slogan: "Who is James K. Polk?".

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In 1861, the Eastern region of Tennessee voted a whopping 80% percent against succeeding from the Union. At the time, this region of Tennessee had a Whig Party majority, and to this day, no Democrat has held two congressional seats in East Tennessee since the mid-1800’s.

The Whig party only existed 17 years, but managed to produce 4 U.S. Presidents. - source

The terms "tory" and "whig" refer to the two opposing views of Catholicism following the English Civil War, the former in support and the latter against. That means that a lot of modern political parties owe their foundations to reactions to secularism. - source

In the history of the U.S., the Whig party spawned a faction remembered as the 'Know-Nothings' or 'America Party'; their main platform was anti-immigration.

10th President John Tyler, nicknamed "His Accidency" was expelled by his own party, the Whigs, during his term as president - source

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The Whig Party used the Raccoon as an emblem. That, plus the view that the Whigs were overly accepting of Black People, led to the racial slur: "Coon".

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