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There is mental disorder called Maladaptive Daydreaming which causes people to excessively daydream to escape reality as a defense mechanism due to trauma usually from abuse

what are the defense mechanisms of the body and how do they work?

One theory on why we are ticklish is that it serves as a mechanism for developing combat skills. Most often practiced from parent to child, tickling activates vulnerable areas on the body that develop a defensive reaction while producing laughter that encourages the 'attacker' to continue.

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  1. Male waterfowl have a clockwise corkscrew penis. Female waterfowl have evolved a counterclockwise shaped vagina. This makes sex difficult for the waterfowl. Female waterfowl evolved non-complementary sexual organs as a defense mechanism because male waterfowl try to rape them so often.

  2. Motion sickness is a psychological defense mechanism against neurotoxins. Your brain realizes there is a disconnect between what your eyes see and what your inner ear feels and concludes you are poisoned and hallucinating so it induces nausea and vomiting

  3. Laughing while being tickled is actually a defensive mechanism because our bodies anticipate pain and automatically try to show submission to an aggressor.

  4. The defense mechanism of the American Opossum, "Playing Dead", is an involuntary action. The opossum will seize up, evacuate bowels, and excrete "dead thing" smell from a gland

  5. Glaucus, a members of the nudibranch family which are commonly referred to as sea slugs, can use the stinging cells from their prey as a defense mechanism. It does this by passing them from its gut to the surface of its skin.

  6. There's a logical reason why squirrels dart back and forth across the road as a car approaches them. The zig zag "dance" is an instinctual defense mechanism to throw off potential predators, making them a less easy taget for their next meal.

  7. Rough-skinned newt exposes brightly-colored belly in the case of danger. Most predators retreat at this point because of the well-known "law of nature": bright colored creatures secrete toxins as defense mechanism.

  8. Between 1966 and 1983, a Canadian mental hospital forcibly administered hallucinogenic drugs to "break down their defense mechanisms", punished them for "unauthorized talking" or moving more than 4 times per hour, and chained 7 naked patients together in a room and fed them liquid food via tubes

  9. The reason why cats will instinctually and rapidly kick their hind legs when playing with a toy on their backs is a defense mechanism whereas the cat is trying to disembowel their prey

  10. Sap extracted from the leaves, stem, root, flowers and seed contains toxic chemicals known as furanocoumarins. These substances induce strong reaction on the human skin known as phytophotodermatitis (light-induced skin irritation). Plant's sap destroys natural defensive mechanisms which protect skin from the negative effects of the sun (more precisely of the UV rays). As a result, large burns and blisters appear on the skin.

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What defense mechanism is often characterized by self-blame and self-punishment?

Is the use of defense mechanisms healthy or unhealthy why?

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50% of diet of eastern hognose snake consists of toads and frogs. Besides amphibians, it eats mice, lizards, turtles, eggs and carrion. Hatchlings eat insects. Eastern hognose snake uses large fangs to pop inflated toad (toad increases the size of the body as a defense mechanism against predators) and ease swallowing of the prey.

Since pearlfish have no defense mechanism of their own, they hide inside the anus of the sea cucumbers. They’ve been known to reproduce inside of the cucumber. - source

Cuckoo birds can be both parasitic AND symbiotic. The chicks of cuckoos that have crow hosts evolved a defense mechanism that deters predators, so the adult crows accept and raise the cuckoo because it protects the nest and the other crow chicks. - source

In cannabis, trichomes function as a defense mechanism against various insects and animals because their bitter taste and strong aromas render cannabis flowers unpalatable, as well as non-living environmental variables such as potentially harmful UV rays.

Animals can't develop efficient defense mechanisms against humans due to fact that humans create tools to overcome their defenses. - source

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Monarch butterfly caterpillars live off of Milkweed, which is toxic and should kill them. They store it in their bodies and while becoming a butterfly the toxic is transferred to their wings as a defense mechanism

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Oysters create pearls as a defensive mechanism in which to seal off parasites and other irritants that become trapped in their shells.

The Bombardier Beetle has a defense mechanism in which it mixes benzene-1,4-diol and hydrogen peroxide to create a heat blast to dispel predators

Adults find babies cute as it is their only defense mechanism against adults and ensures that we take care of them and do not harm them

Opiliones, "Daddy Longlegs” (not spiders) have penises, unlike other arachnids. One defense mechanism for them is autotomy, or voluntary appendage amputation. Detached limbs may twitch up to an hour after removal due to a respiratory system which breathes through holes and tunnels in their legs.

Reaction Formation is an ego defense mechanism in which emotions and impulses which are anxiety-producing or perceived to be unacceptable are mastered by exaggeration of the directly opposing tendency. For example, if you feel hate towards someone you will express love in order to conceal it.

When regression is used as a defense mechanism?

Tarantulas fling their needlelike hair at predators as a defensive mechanism. These hairs can not only get inside the skin, but are also known for entering eye sockets and digestive systems where they can cause major problems.

About the Spotted Apatelodes Moth, which looks like a freakin’ baby dragon when it imitates a scorpion as a defense mechanism.

Normally, the scales of a sea mouse are a deep red sheen, warning off predators, but when the light shines on them perpendicularly, they flush green and blue. This structural coloration is a defense mechanism, giving a warning signal to potential predators.

Bombardier beetles have a dangerous defense mechanism when they feel threatened. These beetles mix catalytic enzymes with benzoquinones and other compounds and emit them from their abdomens at high temperatures (100°C) that can cause burning and aching pain in humans for hours.

Sea Cucumbers (class Holothuroidea) have a defense mechanism called evisceration, in which they vomit out their internal organs.

Describe how enzymatic actions function as defense mechanisms?

The California Ground Squirrel, who chews up shed snake skin into a paste and rubs it into their fur as a defense mechanism against rattle snakes.

Being "cool" comes from a defense mechanism used by black slaves when outward aggression was punishable by death.

When a slow loris is tickled, it raises its arms not out of joy, but to gather venom in glands in its elbows as a defense mechanism

The Wolverine frog pushes retractable claws through its skin as a defense mechanism.

Technically, giant honeybees invented the 'Mexican Wave'. Known as 'shimmering', the bees flip their abdomens in sequence as a defensive mechanism to repel predatory hornets from the hive.

Horned lizards can shoot streams of blood from their eyes as a defense mechanism.

The European Wall Lizard can also detach its tail and later regrow it. A defense mechanism referred to as autotomy.

The Bombardier beetle sprays a near boiling caustic chemical from its abdomen as a defense mechanism

Certain types of Millipedes can secrete Hydrogen Cyanide as a defense mechanism

The Arizona Coral Snake farts as a form of defense mechanism

When encountering a new taste and scent that some mammals find appealing, these mammals will rub the source of the scent on themselves as an attraction display, defense mechanism, or combination of both.

About the bombardier beetle, an insect that releases a chemical interaction of hydroquinone and hydrogen peroxide, resulting in a spray that's near boiling points of water as a defense mechanism.

The horned lizard can squirt an aimed stream of blood from it's eye up to 5 ft as a defense mechanism

Tobacco plants produce nicotine as a defense mechanism against predators

Sigmund Freud believed that mental health symptoms were both a defense mechanism against and partial release of our unacceptable, unconscious desires.

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