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The FDA allows a 24-ounce container of cornmeal to have up to 13 (mostly tiny) insects, 745 insect fragments and 27 rodent hairs.

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Symbions, tiny animals living in lobster facial hair, have a complex life cycle involving effectively four genders, the small males and females spending most of their lives inside the bodies of their larger counterparts

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  1. Entire body of a bumblebee is covered with tiny hairs and alternately arranged yellow and black bands.

  2. A man in England sought help for severe eye discomfort, doctors found tiny hairs sticking out of his eyeball, they were from his pet tarantula.

  3. Tiny hair cells in your inner ear are what translates sound waves to electricity to send to the brain. You"re born with about 3500 of these cells, and they can be damaged by really loud noises. Make sure to wear ear plugs if you"ll be around loud noises!

  4. Cattail produces numerous miniature seed equipped with tiny hairs which facilitate wind dispersal.

  5. Moths have tiny hairs and scales on their wings. They ensure adequate temperature of the body during the flight. Females of some species do not have wings.

  6. Rhodesian Ridgeback is named after a tiny Mohawk, ridge of hairs that runs along the spine in the opposite direction than the rest of the fur. This ridge cannot be seen in all Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

  7. There are tiny muscles attached to hair follicles, called Arrector Pili. It is the contraction of these muscles which causes goosebumps.

  8. Fruit of sagebrush is seed-like achene covered with tiny hairs. Seed are miniature and black colored.

  9. Angel trumpet has large, alternately arranged leaves that are covered in tiny hairs.

  10. Fruit of coyote brush is tan or light brown, tiny, seed-like achene equipped with tuft of white hairs which facilitate spreading by wind.

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What are the tiny hairs in your nose called?

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Yarrow has feathery leaves that are usually 2 to 8 inches long. Leaves are covered with tiny hairs and spirally arranged on a stem.

Why do you sometimes feel a little sick or dizzy after getting off a ride like the Tilt-A-Whirl? Special loops in your inner ear, called semicircular canals, help with your balance. These canals are filled with fluid, which moves with your head, and move tiny hairs inside the canals, which tells your brain which way your head is moving. When you are spinning (like in the Tilt-A-Whirl) this liquid gets to spinning too. When the ride is over, the liquid is still spinning, but your eyes tell your brain you are not moving. Since your brain is getting two different messages, it gets confused, and you get dizzy as a result.

If you have small rough patches of skin with tiny bumps that never seem to go away, their appearance can be annoying, but they’re actually completely harmless. The skin condition is called keratosis pilaris and it’s caused by dead skin blocking hair follicles and it is treatable. - source

Charles Manson, leader of the Manson Family who went on a murder spree in the late 1960', was arrested by police after being found in a tiny bathroom cupboard due to his hair sticking out of the door.

Cockroaches are hard to catch because they have tiny hairs on their legs that detect even the slightest movement of the air.

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Front legs of assassin bugs are uniquely designed to provide strong grip of the prey. They are equipped with sticky pads that are located on thousands of tiny hairs.

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Rosemary has needle-like evergreen leaves that are usually 0.8 to 1.6 inches long. Upper side of leaves is darker green in color. Lower side is grayish in color and it is covered with tiny hairs.

Purple saxifrage develops tiny over-lapping grayish-green leaves shaped like scales. They are arranged in opposite rows composed of 4 leaves. Leaves are fleshy and covered with tiny, rigid hairs on the edges.

Stem of feijoa tree is covered with pale grey bark. Young branches can be recognized by swollen nodes and tiny hairs.

Most species of fleas are dark, reddish brown colored. Their body is covered with tiny, backward oriented hairs and spines.

To help transport the egg/zygote/embryo to the uterus, fallopian tubes are lined with cilia (tiny hairs)

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Young stem and leaves of velvet tree are covered with tiny, radiating hairs, hence the name velvet tree.

The world’s smallest snowman is only 2.7 microns tall (for comparison, a human hair is 75 microns thick). To create it, scientists stacked 3 tiny silica spheres, added a nose and arms made of platinum, and cut the eyes and mouth with a focused ion beam

Left-right asymmetry of human's internal organs stems from the whirling of tiny hairs (cilia) on a small pit on embryo (the node) that pushes the surrounding fluid with signalling molecules to the left side, which causes certain genes to be expressed on left side, but not on the right side.

The human ear detects sound waves using tiny hair cells in the ear.

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Spiders can be.. beautiful? This is the Gooty Sapphire Tarantula. Their exotic blue colour comes from tiny hairs that line their bodies, making them one of the most beautiful species of tarantula in the world. Sadly, due to deforestation, the species is critically endangered.

Scientists have found a small metallic sphere from space made of a thin titanium shell but which contained a liquid biological material. This tiny metallic orb, about the width of a human hair, could be a 'seed' sent to Earth by aliens.

Fairyflies are among the smallest insects. Smaller than many single cell organisms, they are so tiny that they don't have conventional wings. Rather they swim through the air using small hairs.

Geographic tongue is a condition in which the upper layer of the tongue, which consists of tiny hair-like protrusions-papillae is damaged due to an inflammation. A noticeable characteristic of the condition is an evolving map-like appearance of the affected tongue.

Honeybees have tiny hairs on their eyes to help them collect pollen.

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