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Director James Cameron reached the Challenger Deep, the deepest part of the Mariana Trench. He is the first person to accomplish the trip solo. The data he collected resulted in interesting new finds in the field of marine biology, including new species of sea cucumber and squid worm.

how sea cucumbers eat?

Pearlfish like to reside in sea cucumber anuses

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what sea cucumbers eat?

  1. Sea cucumbers spit out their internal organs via their anus as a defence mechanism

  2. I learned Pearlfish use a sea cucumbers butt as shelter. If the Sea Cucumber does not have it's butt open the pearl fish tickles it with it's tail!

  3. In 1977 a zoologist from New Zealand found 15 pearlfish all living together in the anus of a single sea cucumber

  4. Sea cucumbers have five rows of paired tentacles on the surface of the body. They are used for locomotion and for feeding.

  5. Size of sea cucumber depends on the species. Smallest species can reach 0.12 inches, while largest species can reach 3.3 feet in length. Most species are usually 3.9 to 12 inches long.

  6. Sea cucumbers do not have brain. Their nervous system consists of a ring and several nerves. Their senses are also poorly developed.

  7. There are roughly 125 fishing villages in the Gulf of Mannar in the Laccadive Sea. This includes 35,000 fisherman, and roughly 25,000 sea cucumber divers, as well as 5,000 seaweed collectors (mostly women).

  8. Lifespan of sea cucumber depends on the species. Most species live between 5 and 10 years in the wild.

  9. Sea turtles don"t have teeth, but their mouths are adapted to each type of food that they normally eat. Green Sea Turtle is vegetarian who eats sea grass, while other turtles eat crabs, clams, jellyfish, sea cucumbers…

  10. Sea cucumbers use yet another interesting technique when they are faced with danger. They are able to expel internal organs along with toxic substance (called holothurin) toward the predators. All missing organs will be regenerated in the next 1.5 to 5 weeks.

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Fertilized eggs undergo several larval stages before they turn into adult sea cucumbers.

The pearlfish uses the anus of sea cucumbers as a hiding spot during daylight hours. Without the sea cucumber, the pearlfish would be vulnerable to predation. - source

Although they are named 'starfish", they are not related to fish at all. Starfish belong to the group of marine invertebrates which also include sea cucumber, sea urchin and sand dollar.

Since pearlfish have no defense mechanism of their own, they hide inside the anus of the sea cucumbers. They’ve been known to reproduce inside of the cucumber.

Marine life that can be found in the Gulf of Thailand includes banded sea snakes, longfinned banner fish, batfish, hawksbill turtles, porcupine fish, trigger fish, jellyfish, whale sharks, hermit crabs, giant grouper, white eyed moray eels, seahorses, yellowtail barracudas, sea cucumbers, and blue spotted stingrays, among many other species.

What happens when sea cucumbers are threatened?

The Russian Museum of Erotica claimed to have purchased Grigori Rasputin’s penis, an 11” long green specimen preserved in liquid; however, the alleged penis was in fact a sea cucumber

How sea cucumbers reproduce?

Sea cucumbers are nocturnal creatures (active during the night).

Walruses eat mussels, snails, worms, shrimps, sea cucumbers, tunicates and small fish.

Fertilization (fusion of reproductive cells) occurs in the water after release of huge amount of eggs and sperm cells.

Sea cucumbers breathe via their anus. Branched network of hollow tubules absorb oxygen from the water that circulates through the anus.

Sea cucumber has elongated, cylindrical body. Depending on the species, sea cucumber can be red, black, blue, green or brown in color.

When were sea cucumbers discovered?

Some sea cucumbers have anal teeth to prevent entry by unwanted parasitic visitors

Sea cucumber are able for self-reproduction (they can produce offspring without partner). However, they prefer to reproduce by mixing with other sea cucumbers.

Sea cucumbers have soft bodies even though they have some sort of skeleton below the surface of the body. Skeleton usually consists of plates and spines. These structures can be exposed and used against predators (sea cucumbers are not tasty meal when their bodies suddenly harden).

The pearlfish hides from predators by burrowing into a sea cucumber's anus. While inside, it may eat the cucumber's gonads. Although the cucumber normally defends itself by squirting out its guts, the pearlfish does not trigger this response, possibly because it isn't worth the trouble.

Sea cucumber fishers from Indonesian islands have been in contact with Aborigines on Australia's north coast since the 1700s, influencing their language and culture; the figure Walitha'walitha invoked in Yolngu Aboriginal funerals is supposedly based on the Islamic phrase "Allah ta'ala".

How sea cucumbers defend themselves?

Pearlfish live in sea cucumber anus’ to hide from predators and to find food

A loofah is not a sea sponge, but actually a vegetable similar to a cucumber.

The museum claiming to have Rasputin's Penis was not actually a penis but a sea-cucumber

Sea Cucumbers eject their organs while fighting in order to repel their opponents before growing them back within a few days

A loofah is a cucumber and is not some weird sea creature such as a sea sponge

Diet of sea cucumbers consists of decaying organic matter (from the sea floor) and plankton. Sea cucumbers play important role in cleansing of the nature by removing remains of dead animals.

Species that can be found in the Amundsen Sea incluse sea cucumbers, sea urchins, and starfish, which are echinoderms.

Sea cucumbers secrete some of their organs out of their anus to fool their predator into thinking they are dead.

Sea cucumbers are able to modulate the shape of their body when needed. They can pass through tight spaces thanks to this feature.

Sea Cucumbers (class Holothuroidea) have a defense mechanism called evisceration, in which they vomit out their internal organs.

Sea cucumbers can be often seen in large colonies. 1000 sea cucumbers per one square meter can be found along the coasts of New Zealand.

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