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Bombardier beetles who shoot boiling chemicals at predators by having internal explosions from mixing 2 chemicals.

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Charles Darwin once, while collecting specimens, placed a bombardier beetle between his teeth to hold it, only to have it spray acid into his mouth.

What do false bombardier beetles eat?

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what do bombardier beetles eat?

  1. There's a bug called the Bombardier Beetle that can combine hydroquinone and hydrogen peroxide in its abdomen to eject a hot, noxious chemical spray that can kill attacking insects.

  2. The bombardier beetle can shoot boiling-hot, foul-smelling liquid from a gland that can rotate 270 degrees.

  3. Bombardier Beetles that squirt boiling anal chemicals to make frogs vomit.

  4. There is a type of beetle that's called the bombardier, which can eject a poisonous chemical spray as hot as 100°C as a defence mechanism.

  5. At the age of 17 he published a paper on the bombardier beetle in The Entomologist.

  6. Bombardier beetles have a dangerous defense mechanism when they feel threatened. These beetles mix catalytic enzymes with benzoquinones and other compounds and emit them from their abdomens at high temperatures (100°C) that can cause burning and aching pain in humans for hours.

  7. The Bombardier Beetle basically shits napalm. By harnessing the power of chemical reactions the Bombardier Beetle can release a boiling, exploding liquid from its body up to seventy times per encounter.

  8. About the bombardier beetle. It can shoot near boiling acids towards attackers.

  9. The Bombardier beetle sprays a near boiling caustic chemical from its abdomen as a defense mechanism

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What does the bombardier beetle spray?

Why is the bombardier beetle not harmed by the chemicals it stores?

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About the bombardier beetle, an insect that releases a chemical interaction of hydroquinone and hydrogen peroxide, resulting in a spray that's near boiling points of water as a defense mechanism.

Scientists inspired by the personal defense mechanisms of bombardier beetles have developed an anti-theft system that could easily be used in ATMs. - source

Bombardier beetles shoot searing hot toxins out of their butts with rapid, machine gun-style pulses

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