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In one variation of the Milgram experiment, subjects were directed to shock a "cute, fluffy puppy" instead of a human. Only half of the male subjects, and all of the female subjects obeyed the orders.

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Petface" dogs with puppy-like features have juvenile traits systematically built into their DNA through centuries of rigorous breeding. Many of the same traits that make these dogs "cute" give them a predisposition to respiratory disorders, skin conditions, reproductive issues and eye injuries

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  1. Puppies reach "peak cuteness" when they're between 6 and 8 weeks old.

  2. Elephants think humans are cute. Their brain reacts in a similar way ours do when we see a cute puppy.

  3. Elephant's brain react the same way to humans the way human brains react to puppies. That is they think we are cute.

  4. Puppies’ cuteness peaks right when they need humans most, study finds

  5. About the psychological phenomenon known as “cute aggression” which makes us want to “squeeze something to death” when we something we identify as cute, such as puppies and babies

  6. Cute aggression" denotes "superficially aggressive behaviour caused by seeing something cute, such as a human baby or young animal." E.g. saying "I want to eat you up!" to a baby or a puppy. The term originated from research on expressions of positive emotion.

  7. There is no neurological proof that elephants see humans as cute as we see puppies.

  8. elephants think humans are cute, just like we think puppies are cute.

  9. Elephants see humans like we see a cute puppy. They think we are cute

  10. Elephant brain react to humans the same way that humans' brain react to puppies. They think we're cute.

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Cute Aggression. Why people cry tears of joy, want to squeeze kittens & puppies. According to science, it may help you calm down.

There are cute puppies we can't pet in Chernobyl - source

The compulsion to pinch a baby's cheeks or squeeze an adorable puppy is called "cute aggression" (and isn't as psychopathic as it sounds) - source

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