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In an attempt to make his spy novels feel more authentic, author John Le Carré is credited with coining a number of terms for his fictional intelligence agency (terms like mole, honey trap, pavement artist, asset babysitter) which have become common terms used in real intelligence agencies.

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At the Starbucks located inside of the Central Intelligence Agency in Langley, Virginia, customer names cannot be called out or written on cups due to security concerns.

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  1. While the CIA is by and large the most well know US spy agency, there exist a second equally large American espionage agency called the DIA. The DIA produces approximately one-fourth of all intelligence content that goes into the President's Daily Brief.

  2. In 2010 the DOD purchased and destroyed every first edition copy of Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffers book "Operation Dark Heart" (at a tax payer cost of $47,000), which claimed the Defense Intelligence Agency failed to evaluate intelligence on the 9/11 hijackers, allowing the attacks to occur.

  3. In the year 1909, the British Intelligence Agency MI6 was formed but it was kept such a secret that it wasn't formally acknowledged until the year 1994.

  4. Lingerie brand Cosabella replaced it's marketing agency with artificial intelligence, Albert. After three months with Albert, Cosabella saw a 336% increase in return on ad spend.

  5. The Soviet KGB fabricated evidence linking the Central Intelligence Agency to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and passed the material to unwitting conspiracy theorists in the United States, according to the Mitrokhin Archive based on KGB files brought to the West by a defector.

  6. US Government agencies (CIA, FBI, Naval Intelligence) have recruited the American Mafia multiple times in order to reach their goals. A couple examples are defending the New York harbor during WWII and attempts at assassinating Fidel Castro in the 1960's.

  7. The Central Intelligence Agency has a memorial wall at headquarters for employees who are killed while working for the US spy agency. Each year the CIA adds stars for deaths; some with names, some without. There are 125 stars as of 2017, eight more than in 2016 and 46 more than in 2002.

  8. During the “secret war” waged by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) from 1964 to 1973 against communist and nationalist forces in Laos, more bombs were dropped on this rural nation of poor farmers than all the explosives dropped on Germany and Japan in the Second World War.

  9. A professor from Switzerland wrote a book about how intelligence agencies have a "strategy of tension" by faking terrorist attacks to keep populations in fear and under control.

  10. In 1975, Indian intelligence agency warned the Bangladeshi president about a possible coup. He ignored their advice by saying "These are my own children and they will not harm me. Seven months later he was assassinated by some military officers, plotted by his closest political associates.

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Bicycle Playing Card Company joined forces with American and British intelligence agencies to create a special deck of cards, specifically created to help allied prisoners of war escape from German POW camps.

The NYPD Created It's Own Intelligence Agency After 9/11 and Currently has Officers embed in 13 Oversea Cities - source

The Committees also acted as intelligence agencies, collecting information on British activities in the colonies and then disseminating that information to other Committees.

One month after JFK's assassination Harry Truman, creator of the CIA, wrote an op-ed to call for limiting the agency's activities to intelligence gathering ONLY.

Intelligence agencies are secretly infiltrating online games - source

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The United States has 17 intelligence agencies and they're parts of a larger agency called the United States Intelligence Community (US I.C.)

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Several intelligence agencies banned Furbies from their offices due to the popular myth that they learned words that were said around them. In fact, Furbies are programmed from the very beginning to start speaking more English and less "Furbish" as time goes on.

Although Australia joined the Five Eyes alliance in 1948, the Prime Minister wasn't informed until 1973, because of a police raid on the country's spy agency. Soon after this revelation, the PM was informed of a secret intelligence station in Central Australia, run by the CIA.

At one time the British Intelligence agency MI5 as investigating Agatha Christie because of one of her characters, a spy, was believed to be real. Agatha laid their fears to rest and the case was closed.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has 16 active intelligence agencies working independent of one another making it difficult for a Coup D'etat or any government overthrow.

At President Dwight D. Eisenhower's request, Doolittle conducted a study of the what was at the time new Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The 1954 classified report was titled the Doolittle Report. The report advocated the use of subversion in foreign countries in order to stop the spread of communism.

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Japan's domestic intelligence agency arrested, home-searched, interrogated, and threatened judicial proceedings to Japan's freelance journalists covering the aftermath of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster

When Greece tested four tanks in 2000 before a big arms purchase, the US M1A1 Abrams and British Challenger 2E tanks had trouble with their satellite navigation systems. A French intelligence agency used GPS jammers to help the French Leclerc tank in the competition.

Once a year, between 2012-2014, an organization known as Cicada3301 posted complex puzzles in order to find "intelligent individuals", and was possibly a recruitment technique for secret government agencies...

Kryptos is a sculpture located on the grounds of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Langley, Virginia. Bearing four messages, the first three have been solved, while the fourth message remains as one of the most famous unsolved codes in the world.

A cyber security analyst named Robin Sage befriended nearly 300 military personnel, intelligence agencies staff and defense contractors through social networks despite being a completely fictitious profile with no real life information

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Before 9/11, federal air marshals used to be apart of an elite government intelligence agency, with it's agents among the top 1% of marksman in the world.

there are 17 different U.S. intelligence agencies

About the Wilson Doctrine that forbids the British Intelligence Agencies from spying on the British Politicians

The US has 17 different intelligence agencies.

The FISA Amendments Act of 2008 immunizes private companies from legal action when they cooperate with U.S. government agencies in intelligence collection

The CIA has its own non-profit venture capital arm called In-Q-Tel, whose sole purpose is to keep the CIA and other intelligence agencies equipped with the latest in information technology.

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service, (Canada's spy agency) is specifically prohibited by legislation from assassinating people, interfering with police or court cases, or conducting 'honey pot' operations - they are strictly an investigative intelligence service.

The CIA hacked into the computers of the Senate Intelligence sub committee tasked with overseeing their agency

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has their own venture capital firm called In-Q-Tel.

The CIA has its own university, simply called "CIA University". It teaches on various intelligence-related subjects, from chemical weapons manufacturing to foreign languages. Students include CIA new hires, experienced officers, support staff, and individuals from other US intelligence agencies.

The Fulton surface-to-air recovery system was a system used by the Central Intelligence Agency, United States Air Force, and United States Navy for retrieving people or cargo from the ground using balloons.

The Central Intelligence Agency has a robotic catfish UUV named "Charlie"

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) burns classified documents to heat their water.

Robert Gates, 36th President of the Boy Scouts of America since May 22, 2014 was Director of Central Intelligence Agency from November 6, 1991 – January 20, 1993.

Mississippi had a state-sponsored intelligence agency that harassed and murdered civil rights protesters

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