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By the late 1960s, the SNCC was heavily infiltrated by agents working for the FBI's Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO).

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In 2014 the FBI produced a spy thriller movie, "Game of Pawns", to counter the growing problem of college students being recruited by foreign intelligence services.

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  1. After World War II, Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie was recruited by the CIA as an anti-communist counter-intelligence offer in France; upon being discovered by French authorities, the CIA helped Barbie escape to Bolivia.

  2. J.D. Salinger was a counter-intelligence officer and one of the first officers to enter a concentration camp following liberation.

  3. The founder of the Waffle House was a counter-intelligence agent on the Manhattan Project - the project to develop the first nuclear weapons.

  4. Staff Sergeant Ib Melchior, a danish american counter intelligence operative who was awarded a bronze star for capturing a Nazi WerWolf unit. he went on to earn commendations for his work on science fiction film, and wrote the short story Death Race is based on.

  5. For over sixty years, teams within the US Air Force and US intelligence services exploited and manipulated beliefs about UFOs and extraterrestrial visits as part of their counter-intelligence programs.

  6. A director of British counter-intelligence, and prospective chief of MI6 was a KGB spy.

  7. The founder of Waffle House was a counter-intelligence agent on the Manhattan Project - the project to develop the first nuclear weapons.

  8. The USSR's counter-intelligence agencies during WWII were known by the acronym for "Death to Spies".

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