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The Director of the FBI keeps a copy of the Wiretap for MLK on his desk as a reminder of past mistakes.

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The British government accidentally published classified information about their nuclear submarines in a "redacted" report. The classified information had been "blacked out" in the document, but anyone who opened the document could copy and paste the "blacked-out" text in order to read it.

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  1. In the past, people would "download" games by copying the code by hand from magazines

  2. around 42% of the human genome is made up of retrotransposons. Protein complexes that behave like viruses and copy and paste DNA around.

  3. The Woolly Mammoth Revival. A Harvard-based team is copy-and-pasting DNA from the mammoth genome into living elephant cells. To date a number of genes have been successfully rewritten into Asian Elephant cell lines

  4. (very late) that a Microsoft Word .docx file can be renamed to .zip and unzipped. You can then see all the embedded objects (PNG, WMF, etc) that are stored in the file. I was able to use this to extract a vector image as a vector--copy and paste changes it to a bitmap.

  5. In an effort to reduce crowding in Shanghai, China built a new city that mimicked architecture from around the world, including copy-paste towns from Sweden, England, Germany and France (the 'Paris' copy has its own Eiffel Tower, too).

  6. Lawrence G Tesler and Tim Mott were the inventers of copy and paste. They used it in 1973 while working on project called Gypsy for the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center.

  7. Guys We Can Make This Egg The Most Disliked Egg On Youtube (Copy and Paste This everywhere)

  8. Most of the posts here are all just cross posted off of Instagram fact pages. No one really goes through the trouble of reading a shit ton of content and then miniaturizes it into a sentence. Whatever this sub was at the beginning, it's just copy and paste now.

  9. In The Grand Budapest Hotel, each headline in the newspaper contained articles depicting the events reported, unlike most movies. All the articles were either written by Wes Anderson himself or was copy pasted from Wikipedia.

  10. There is a tool in Windows called the Snipping Tool. It allows you to take screenshots of certain parts of your screen without copying and pasting into in Paint and then edit it there.

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copy pasted fact data chart about Only six albums have sold more than 1 million copies in thei
Only six albums have sold more than 1 million copies in their debut week (US) in the past decade.

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There are Unicode characters for cave paintings that you can easily copy paste.

On Windows it is possible to copy with Ctrl+Ins and paste with Shift+Ins - source

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