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In Iceland a 'Naming Committee' exists that maintains a pre-approved list of male and female names. it is illegal to call your son/daughter something not appearing on these lists.

The FBI maintains a list of the books American citizens check out from public libraries

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  1. In the U.S., prosecutors maintain a list of 'Brady Cops', officers considered too dishonest to testify in court

  2. Though no official, complete, version of the line of succession to the British throne is currently maintained, in 2001 genealogist William Addams Reitwiesner compiled a list of 4973 living descendants.

  3. The FCC maintains a "do not call" list of phone numbers that telemarketers cannot solicit to without prior express permission. Consumers can request their number be added to this list indefinitely at no cost.

  4. The UN maintains a "red list", a comprehensive list of biological species, ranked in order of how threatened they are. Homo sapiens are at the bottom of the list of all living beings when it comes to danger of extinction.

  5. Nixon's aides maintained a master list of political enemies to harass via tax audits and prosecution -- notable figures included Noam Chomsky, Shirley Chrisholm, Sargent Shriver, and Bill Cosby

  6. A Journalist reported that Zacharias Moussaoui (20th hijacker) maintained a notebook in which the phone number of the Blackwater Training Center is listed.

  7. The non-profit, American Forests, maintains lists of the largest trees in the US for over 800 species of trees.

  8. Ofcom (UK government-approved regulatory & competition authority for the broadcasting, telecoms & postal industries of the UK.) maintains a list of offensive terms. The research aimed to assess how perceptions of this language differed based on context, & by different demographic groups.

  9. Wikipedia maintains a very specific list of long-term abusers, spammers and frequent ban evaders along with descriptions of their disruptive behavior.

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President Eisenhower wanted the US government to maintain a list of homosexual government employees as a countermeasure to attempted Soviet espionage.

The US Dept of State has a Protocol Gift Unit which maintains a public list of gifts received from foreign sources - source

Forbes maintains a list of the fifteen richest fictional characters - source

Shutterstock maintains a hilarious list of Dirty, Naughty, Obscene, and otherwise Bad Words

Wikipedia maintains a list of Christmas Episodes of United States Television Series, and The Simpsons has 14 - source

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