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Despite the common misconception, in most countries ship captains are not actually able to perform marriages, and the United States Navy had to make a rule specifically forbidding captains from doing so.

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The Bible was badly translated at one point, leading to the common misconception that the Devil's number is 666. It is actually 616

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what common misconceptions about paying taxes exist?

  1. The US two dollar bill is still being produced today. It's apparent rarity is in part due to the common misconception that it is no longer being produced, causing people to collect them, thus pulling them out of circulation.

  2. That, contrary to common misconception, acne is mostly caused by genetics, rather than lack of hygiene, eating fatty food, or other personal habits.

  3. Despite common misconception, ice worms are a real species that tunnel through glaciers. If their body temperature exceeds 5 degrees celsius they melt.

  4. The common misconception that 'The Hindu Pantheon is believed to have 330 million gods' arose from a simple misinterpretation of an old Sanskrit scripture, For the words 'trayastrimsa koti' which was confused between '33 supreme souls' and '33 crores' (330 million)

  5. It is a very common misconception that the poinsettia is poisonous. The rumor started when a 3yo's death was falsely blamed on poinsettia, and it has been passed on that poinsettias are poisonous for about 100 years.

  6. It's a common misconception that PG-13 films are only allowed one "F-bomb," and that 2 or more make it R. This isn't true, as a movie with multiple uses of the word can still be PG-13 if the board votes that way with a 2/3 majority. (See page 8, top)

  7. Despite common misconception, Thomas Crapper did not invent the flush toilet, he only popularized it by inventing the ballcock

  8. Graphite in pencils is commonly referred to as lead because in the 1500s chemists mistakenly identified a large deposit of graphite as lead. The misconception was furthered because manufacturers used lead paint on the wood holders of pencils, leading to lead poisoning.

  9. Despite common misconception, the US $2 bill is still in print, though not as common as other bills. Over $1.5 billion were in circulation as of 2007.

  10. Seahorse monogamy is a common misconception. A 2007 study described Seahorses as "promiscuous, flirty and more than a little bit gay". Rampant flirting was observed (of up to 25 partners a day) and of over 3,000 documented sexual acts, 37% were considered same-sex.

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Although it is a common misconception and depicted on TV, dinosaurs did not live at the same time as humans.

There is a common misconception that violin snares would be made of cat intestines, due to the fact that the sheep's intestines (cattle gut) that were actually used a long time ago got abbreviated to "catgut". - source

That, contrary to common misconception, the order in which different types of alcohol are consumed ("Grape or grain but never the twain" and "Beer before wine and you'll feel fine; wine before beer and you'll feel queer") has no effect on intoxication or hangover. - source

That, contrary to common misconception, eating soy doesn't cause hormonal imbalance.

Despite the common misconception, the surface area of Russia is not larger than that of Pluto. The New Horizons probe in 2015 gave a new accurate measurement to Pluto's surface area: 6,813,163 sq mi (17,646,012). On the other hand, Russia's area is 6,592,772 sq mi (17,075,200 sq km). - source

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Thomas Crapper did not invent the flush toilet. He held patents for the floating ballcock and other santitary equipment. It is often claimed that the word 'crap' for bodily waste originates from his name, however this is common misconception.

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The common misconception of lemmings suicide was propagated by White Wilderness, a Disney nature documentary. The filmmakers filmed the climactic lemmings suicide scene at a river in Calgary and threw the lemmings to their death when they refused to jump.

It is a common misconception that Native Americans did not consume alcoholic beverages before contact with Europeans, and that they fermented up to 40 different plants for consumption

There used to be a common misconception in Europe that California was its own island

Ticks don’t fall out of trees - they don’t live there. Common misconception. They live in brush and tall grass, hop on their host, and climb up for a good bite.

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"we use only 10% of our brain" is an extremely common misconception and myth

That, contrary to common misconception, war is not biologically determined. In other words, humans didn't evolve to be predisposed to violence.

Chimpanzees hunt down and eat other animals as opposed to the common misconception that they rarely eat meat

Contrary to common misconception, swallowing gasoline does not generally require special emergency treatment, and inducing vomiting can make it worse. According to poison specialist, even two mouthfuls wouldn't be that dangerous as long as it goes to your stomach and stays there or moves on.

It is a common misconception that the Roman victims of the Pompeii volcanic disaster suffocated to death under the pyroclastic cloud. The sudden wave of poisonous, superheated gas, was enough to vapourish the water in the brain, causing the skull to instantly explode.

There is a common misconception that Will Smith says “Welcome to Erff” in Independence Day, when in fact he enunciates the ‘th’ sound and pronounces it “properly.”

Water's main flame fighting capability actually stems from its high heat capacity dissapating the heat, the idea of water drowning fire is a common misconception.

There’s a misconception about how much percent of our brain we actually use. It’s commonly heard that we only use about 10% of our brain. But actually we use nearly our whole brain for everything we do. For example: walking & talking.

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It is a common misconception that tastes can only be tasted on certain parts of the tongue.

Wikipedia contains a list of common misconceptions ranging from cooking to scientific misconceptions

Androgenic steroids increase fat-free mass, muscle size, and strength whether the person exercises or not. Contrary to common misconception.

Meatloaf's 1993 song "I would do anything for love (but I wont' do that)" clearly states what "that" is in every verse, yet it's a common misconception regarding its ambiguity. VH1's Pop-up Video even stated "Exactly what Meat Love won't do for love remains a mystery to this day."

Despite the common misconception that "Brave New World" and "1984" were anti-socialist Novels, both Aldous Huxley and George Orwell were socialists their entire life, and were speaking out against the USSR.

The common misconception of tomatoes being vegetables stemmed from the US Supreme Court's ruling in order to earn import taxes from tomatoes

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It's a common misconception that security and privacy are a trade-off.

Despite common misconception, the First Amendment not only protects individuals against governmental restriction on speech, it also protects individuals from civil liability. The First Amendment can form a fundamental defense in a libel suit.

In most of the world, and in most of America, the age of consent for sex is usually below 18 but it's still a really common misconception thanks to the Hollywood entertainment industry

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