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The Hindenburg had a grand piano on it; but because they can weigh up to 1000 pounds, the ship had a specially-made aluminum piano which only weighed 350 pounds.

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A concert grand piano has to resist 30 tons of pressure being put on it by the tensioned piano wires

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  1. In 1956, a contestant at The Price Is Right was offered an elephant as a bonus prize to make for extra ivory for the grand piano he had just won. The real prize was in fact $4,000 but the contestant insisted he wanted the elephant. The show eventually delivered an elephant from Kenya to him.

  2. Digital pianos are a type of keyboard designed to replace an acoustic piano but feel and look the same, but they do not require tuning and are not affected by temperature or humidity like traditional pianos. Digital pianos can also mimic the sounds of several instruments such as pipe organs or grand pianos.

  3. Pianos have pedals for the pianist to use including the soft pedal, the sustain pedal, and the sostenuto pedal. Grand pianos in the U.S. have all three while in Europe many only have two (soft, and sustain).

  4. In the 1800s the grand piano evolved to become louder. This included adding cast iron frames (which made them very heavy and difficult to move) but ideal for the Romantic era of music.

  5. Bartolomeo Cristofori is credited with the invention of the piano. He lived from 1655 to 1731 and was an employee of the Grand Prince of Tuscany as his Instrument Keeper. Three of his pianos exist today and date to the 1920s.

  6. In the New York Harbor, among many other strange finds, The Army Corps of Engineers once located a grand piano and a *giraffe* carcass.

  7. A 15 year old started building one of the biggest Grand Pianos in the world at 19 feet long, it took him 5 years to complete.

  8. As a sitting president, Richard Nixon played piano at the re-opening of the Grand Ole Opry at the Grand Ole Opry House in 1974.

  9. The Tyrannosaurus Rex is the hardest-biting terrestrial animal ever known with a maximum bite force of almost 12,800 pounds, about the equivalent of an adult T. Rex's body weight or 13 Steinway Model D Concert Grand Pianos.

  10. Barry Manilow used to sleep under his Grand Piano before he became famous.

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Janitor Aleksander Kudajczyk was discovered playing Chopin on a grand piano at the university where he works. He was a super virtuoso now performing concerts around Europe.

There are a variety of piano types today including the grand piano, upright piano, specialized piano (toy piano - uses metal rods instead of strings), the electric piano, and the digital piano.

The Beethoven birthplace in Bonn, Germany houses the largest Beethoven collection in the world. The museum is filled with everyday objects from Beethoven's life, as well as musical instruments and memorabilia, such as Beethoven's last grand piano - source

At $250,000, the Bösendorfer Imperial is the world's most expensive grand piano.

About Colin Huggins, who plays a baby grand piano 3 times a week in NYC's Washington Square Park - source

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There is a traffic circle by New York's Central Park that features the sculpture of nine nude caryatids — supporting a grand piano and Duke Ellington on their heads

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When composer Erik Satie died, friends and family were shocked at the contents of his apartments which included two grand pianos stacked on top of each other, completely buried with umbrellas and papers.

A New Zealand Teenager built the world's largest grand piano... it weighs in at 1.2 tonnes and is 5.7m long.

The artist Banksy owns a hotel in Bethlehem, Palestine called The Walled Off Hotel that features a presidential suite, museum, gallery, piano bar (with a remote-controlled mechanical baby grand piano) and bookshop.

One italian composer dragged a grand piano along the streets few miles of night Rome and played a serenade for his girlfriend under the windows of the hotel

That, after Erik Satie's death, an "unusual amount of umbrellas" and two grand pianos stacked on top of each other were found in his apartment.

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