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The myth that during Neil Armstrong's moon walk he said "Good luck, Mr. Gorsky," in reference to a childhood neighbor whose wife said she'd perform oral sex on her husband "when the kid next door walks on the moon." The myth originated from a Buddy Hackett comedy routine.

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The part of the Genie was written for Robin Williams but he was hesitant - so Disney animated a pitch of the genie synced to William's stand-up comedy routines. He loved it.

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  1. Jim Henson's "Pigs in Space" actually went into outer space when five comedy routines written for the occasion were broadcast as wakeup calls for the Space Shuttle crew in 1981.

  2. The famous comedy routine "Who's on First?" was commonly performed by other burlesque comedians but was popularized by Abbott and Costello because they were the first to do it on radio and television and later copyrighted the routine.

  3. During the 2000 Olympics, an Australian comedy duo ran a show broadcasting every night with commentary of events including fake pre-warmup routines and coining names for different gymnastic moves

  4. There have been two real-life parallels of baseball players on bases matching the famous comedy routine "Who's on first?"

  5. The restaurant chain Hooters got its name from a Steve Martin comedy routine

  6. The restaurant chain Hooters got its name from a Steve Martin comedy routine titled "What I Believe"

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