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Critics complained that Indian musician Daler Mehndi's music was only popular because his videos featured beautiful women. Mehndi's response was to create a video featuring only copies of himself greenscreened in, leading to the creation of the "Tunak Tunak Tun" video.

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Critics complained Indian artist Daler Mehndi of being popular only because he featured beautiful dancing women in his music videos. Mehndi's response was to create a music video that featured only himself. So that's how the popular music video "Tunak Tunak Tun" was born.

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  1. In 2007 a White couple was tortured/raped and murdered by a group of 5 Black Men. Media critics complained that the story was ignored by the national media because the victims were white and all five of the suspects were black.

  2. The Roman Emperor Vespasian hated philosophers, seeing them as "unmanly complainers who talked too much." One philosopher was banished to an island and still criticized Vespasian, so the Emperor sent a message: "You are doing everything to force me to kill you, but I do not slay a barking dog."

  3. During the making of 'Spartacus', cinematographer Russell Metty complained about Kubrick's precise and controlled instructions to the point of quitting. Metty later muted his criticisms after winning the Oscar for Best Cinematography.

  4. Critics complained that Daler Mehndi's music was only popular due to his videos that featured beautiful women dancing. Mehndi's response was to create a video that featured only himself. The music video was the first made in India using greenscreen technology.

  5. In the scene of Bad Touch where the two gay men where hit over the head with baguette was criticized by GLAAD as a "gay-bashing scene" and complained to MTV to get it removed.

  6. Legend has it that when critics of Gen. Ulysses S. Grant complained to President Abraham Lincoln about Grant's drinking, Lincoln replied, "I wish some of you would tell me the brand of whiskey that Grant drinks. I would like to send a barrel of it to my other generals."

  7. After critics complained that his music was only popular due to his videos that featured beautiful women dancing, Daler Mehndi, an Indian pop artist, created a video starring only himself dancing. The song and video was a success and also became an international internet meme

  8. In 1976 Captain & Tennille performed Muskrat Love at a White House dinner honoring Queen Elizabeth II. Critics complained it was "in very poor taste" to sing of mating muskrats before the Queen.

  9. The show Angry Beavers was delayed because parents complained "shut" sounded too similar to "shit." They bleeped the word, resulting in more criticism.

  10. When the Les Miserables musical came out, critics called it "a lurid Victorian melodrama" and "witless and synthetic entertainment"; literary scholars complained that a classic novel was made into a musical. It became the second-longest-running musical in history.

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