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When the show of comedian Benny Hill was cancelled, it devastated him and his health started to decline. However, fans of his show continued pushing for a new series. A company saw this and sent him an offer for some specials. It arrived in the mail on the same day he died.

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Legendary English comedian Benny Hill earned a 7 figure salary yet never owned a home, didn't buy a car, rarely purchased new clothes and always bought cheap foods in supermarkets.

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  1. The great British Comedian Benny Hill died alone in his apartment, surrounded by money and uncashed checks, where he was found after a few days of no contact with his friends and families.

  2. The old man in the Benny Hill Show was the Northern Irish comedian Jackie Wright. He was a prolific chain-smoker who hid his cigarettes during taping. The running joke of Benny Hill patting his bald head was often an attempt to get rid of the smoke.

  3. Comedian Benny Hill was quoted in Frankie Howerd's obituary stating how sad he was, even though he himself was dead at the time.

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