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The reason tigers are orange is because their prey see them as green. Deer, which are the main prey of tigers, are only capable of seeing blue and green light, which effectively renders them color-blind to red. Therefore, to deer, the tigers are seen as green.

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Red color blind monkeys who underwent gene therapy by having their eyes injected with a red cone, had their color blindness cured, potentially opening a door for curing color blindness in humans.

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  1. After a typhoon swept through Microneasian island Pingelap, leaving olny about 20 survivors, 10% of the population is now affected by rare color blindness, because of one male survivor

  2. Raccoons are very agile tree climbers and do not mind climbing or falling from elevations as high as 40 feet (12 meters).Raccoons have bad eyesight and are color blind, but have great hearing and a great sense of smell.

  3. Camouflage does not work on color-blind people and for this reason some were picked as snipers

  4. Color-blindness in humans happens when a person has two visual processing cones instead of the usual three. There is a flipside, that there are people who have a condition known as Tetrachromacy, where someone has four cones, potentially allowing them to see more of the visible spectrum.

  5. A crayon molder named Emerson Moser worked at Crayola for 45 years and on his last day he revealed that he was color blind

  6. Ernest "Boots" Thomas, one of the U.S. Marines who raised the flag on Iwo Jima, was able to enlist in spite of being color blind by memorizing the results of another man's test.

  7. Mr. Rodgers was color blind, he went swimming every morning, and never smoked or drank.

  8. 1 in 10 inhabitants on the island of Pingelap is color blind due to a 'population bottleneck' in 1775 after a catastrophic typhoon swept through the remote island leaving only 20 survivors. One of the survivors was King Nanmwarki Mwanenihsed, patient 0 with the rare Achromatopsia gene.

  9. There is a philosophical concept called the explanatory gap which is used to describe the inability to describe concepts. For instance, it is impossible to describe a color to a blind person and have them accurately understand and visualize that color.

  10. Charles Bonnet Syndrome, a medical disorder in which people with total blindness or impaired vision can suddenly hallucinate entire scenes in vivid color as if they were seeing normally, these episodes can last for a few minutes and can even reoccur for years

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Visualization of IMDb scores show the decline of Futurama[Color Blind Friendly]

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Horses have the largest eyes of any land mammal, have excellent day and night vision, but they have two-color, or dichromatic vision; their color vision is somewhat like red-green color blindness in humans, where certain colors, especially red and related colors, appear as a shade of green.

Dr. Jay Neitz cured color blindness in Red-Green Color Blind (dichromatic) Squirrel Monkeys using gene therapy. The monkeys were given a shot which enabled them to distinguish red or green. After successful trials with the monkeys Dr. Neitz awaits NIH/ORDA/FDA approval for human trials. - source

Facebook is mostly blue because Mark Zuckerberg found out via an online test that he is red-green color-blind.

Ray Charles, not only played the piano blind, but was also a keen chess player. His white and black squares had different elevation, and the pieces were shaped differently depending on the color. - source

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Reverse color blindness tests exist where only people who are color blind can see what is hidden in the image.

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There's a color blind artist who has made himself part cyborg by implanting a light sensor into his brain which allows him to "hear" bone vibrations corresponding to certain light frequencies. He can even hear UV light.

In 2007 There was a White House protest agaist Homeland Security's use of a color code on behalf of people who are color blind

Even a blind chameleon can change colors to blend in with its environment.

Dogs do not only see gray, but actually see the world in a way similar to humans who have red-green color blindness.

Babies have only 8.8 ounces at birth. They will triple their weight in just 8 weeks. Kittens are covered with fur (same color like adult cats) and blind at birth. Babies will open their eyes 6 to 12 days after birth.

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Night monkeys have large brown eyes that ensure excellent night vision. These animals have monochromatic vision, which means that they are color blind.

Color blindness might soon be treatable with a single injection.

Former slave owner, John Marshal Harlan, was the only person to dissent against Plessy Vs. Ferguson, writing in his dissent that "Our constitution is color-blind, and neither knows nor tolerates classes among citizens. In respect of civil rights, all citizens are equal before the law."

Blind people have absolutely no concept of what color is, and describing it to them is currently impossible. A blind man has a whole youtube channel dedicated to what its like to be blind, this being the most common question he receives.

A "Touch Cube" is a Rubik's Cube for blind people, where the colors also have different little embossed shapes on them

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4-10% of islanders on the atoll Pingelap in the Pacific Ocean have no working cones, leaving them completely color blind.

There are different color coded walking canes to indicate if the person is limited in sight, totally blind or blind and deaf.

Color Blindness is sometimes referred to as: "Daltonism" in honor of John Dalton, who originally researched the condition, and who himself was color blind

Howie Mandel is color-blind. Due to his color-blindness, he joked that "there were a lot of ugly homes in Toronto because of him" while he was a carpet salesman. Despite him being color-blind, his business flourished.

Cuttlefish are color blind, but can rapidly change the color of their skin and even texture in pitch dark to match their surroundings for camouflage

Sega once released ads for the Sega Dream Gear depicting Game Boy owners as obese and uneducated and even said "If you were color blind and had an IQ of less than 12, then you wouldn't mind which portable you had."

Color blindness is caused by an overlap of color sensing cells in the eye, which can be corrected by glasses!

Emerson Moser, a senior crayon maker for Crayola, molded approximately 1.4 billion crayons during his 37 year career with the company. Upon retiring, Moser revealed that he was color blind.

Kittens are blind and covered with dark spots at birth. Female provides them with food even in the captivity. At the age of 68 weeks, young rusty-spotted cats attain adult coloration and become sexually mature.

8% of Males have Color Blindness, which is significantly more common in men than in women.

About Charles Bonnet Syndrome, a condition among blind people in which they suddenly hallucinate full scenes vivid in color

In 1990, Emerson Moser, Crayola's senior moulder, after working 37 years and moulding ~1.4 billion crayons, revealed he was actually blue-green color blind.

Inherited color blindness can only be inherited from your mother

..white men are most likely to be color blind (genetic disorder) and black men least likely....

Plants can smell, sense color and even be "blind"

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