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Circuit breakers halt trading on the nation's stock markets during dramatic drops and are set at 7%, 13%, and 20% of the closing price for the previous day.

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Buzz Aldrin "McGuyverd" a broken circuit breaker on the Apollo 11 lander with a felt-tip pen, without which Aldrin and Armstrong would have died on the moon

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  1. When preparing to return from the Moon, the Eagle's main engine circuit breaker was broken, preventing them from being able to take off. Buzz Aldrin used a felt-tip pen to complete the circuit.

  2. At 300% load it takes 35 seconds to trip a circuit breaker.

  3. While preparing for the liftoff from the lunar surface, Armstrong and Aldrin discovered that, in their bulky spacesuits, they had broken the ignition switch for the ascent engine, and they used part of a pen to push the circuit breaker in and activate the launch sequence.

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