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When he died, MLK was planning a Poor People's Campaign, demanding jobs, health care, and decent homes for the poor. He wanted protesters to march on Washington and stay until their demands were met. The protest began 5 weeks after his murder.

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Neanderthals approached animals very closely and thrust, not threw, their spears at the animals, most likely from an underhand angle. This confrontational way of hunting required careful planning and concealment, and close cooperation between individual hunters.

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  1. About Herman Lamm, a discharged Prussian soldier who applied his military training to US bank robberies in the 1920s. The "Lamm Technique" pioneered methods still used today: a careful study of targets (casing), floor plans, heist roles, getaway maps, rehearsals, and a strict adherence to time.

  2. The Ottomans' elite soldiers, called janissaries, were made of kidnapped European boys who trained in Spartan conditions under eunuchs. They eventually threatened the Sultan's power, so he killed over 4,000 of them in a carefully planned plot.

  3. Up to 150,000 Roman/Italian citizens were murdered on one day in 88 BC. The carefully planned massacre, the "Asiatic Vespers", occurred simultaneously in many cities across Asia Minor (western Turkey) because of hatred of Roman rule and taxes.

  4. Not wanting to leave Commerson under the care of someone other than herself, Jeanne Baret came up with the idea to disguise herself as a male assistant. Her plan worked, and her disguise must’ve been pretty good because she boarded the ship as a man named Jean Baret.

  5. There is no medical term for fear of driving. It can encompass everything from people who avoid a certain roundabout on a daily basis, to those who carefully plan routes to eliminate turning right, and people who cannot bring themselves to open the driver’s door

  6. Only 3% of Planned Parenthood Care Are Abortion Services

  7. Planned Parenthood actually does not provide prenatal care in any way.

  8. A man named Kelly Frank was charged with plotting to kidnap David Letterman's kid for ransom 2005. It was later revealed that Frank planned to kidnap the child's nanny as well; "The thought was to kidnap the nanny too so she could take care of the child during this period of the kidnapping"

  9. Major Savage of the RAF invented skywriting with low-viscosity oil dripped onto hot exhaust fumes to make kilometer-wide clouds of smoke. He found carefully planned flying could trace huge letters in the sky. Text and pictures in the comments. BBC audio starts at 2 mins runs for 4 mins.

  10. About the “Family Glitch” in the Affordable Care Act which makes family’s ineligible for assistance so long as an employer offers an individual plan that meets the law’s criteria of “affordable”. The actual cost of the employer’s family plans is not factored in at all.

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What is the reason why learning activities should be carefully planned?

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Hobby Lobby was investing in companies that manufactured contraceptives the entire time they were suing the government over the Obamacare mandate to require a company's health care plan to provide access for their employees to emergency contraceptives

The idea for Obamacare stems from a Republican Conservative health care plan which was conceived 22 years ago. - source

When Trump's father died, his estate was contested by his deceased older brother's heirs. The lawsuit was settled after Donald “cut off benefits from the family health plan that were paying for the medical care of his nephew’s seriously ill young son.” - source

Argentina's gender law grants adults sex reassignment surgery and hormone therapy as a part of their public health care plans and changes to gender or birth name on civil registries without the approval of a doctor or a judge.

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