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If you planted the seeds of a Granny Smith apple, you wouldn’t get Granny Smith apple trees. Apples aren’t “true to seed”.

how apple seeds grow?

Apple seeds do not produce the same apples as their parent. To keep the same flavor, apple trees must be grafted. Every Honeycrisp apple you have ever eaten has come from the same tree, just split apart.

What poison is in apple seeds?

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what happens if you eat apple seeds?

  1. Apple seeds contain cyanide. Eating 20 apple cores will kill an adult, while eating less can result in paralysis, coma, and brain damage.

  2. About 20 apple cores' worth of apple seeds contain enough cyanide to kill the average person

  3. Cashew nuts are actually seeds and not nuts but they're grown outside of the fruit which is called a cashew apple.

  4. If you plant an apple seed, it will grow a tree but that tree will most likely not produce an apple of the same type that the seed came from. This is due to a horticultural phenomenon called 'unfixed hybrids', and most trees are grafted rather than grown true from seed.

  5. You would need to eat about 200 apple seeds, or about 20 whole apples to kill yourself.

  6. "pomegranate" derives from the Latin pomum ("apple") and granatum ("seeded"). The French word for pomegranate is "grenade."

  7. Size of tick depends on the developmental stage. Larva is large as grain of sand, nymph as poppy seed and adult animal as apple seed. Females are larger than males.

  8. Fruit of manzanita is apple-shaped berry. Fruit is smooth and brownish on the surface. It has mealy pulp and few seed covered with tough coat.

  9. Most apples are grown from grafted trees and will not come true from seed. The seeds might germinate, and they could develop into productive trees, but the fruit will not be similar to what you purchased.

  10. One cup of apple seeds contains enough cyanide to be considered lethal poison when chewed and swallowed

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What to do with apple seeds?

Why do apple seeds contain cyanide?

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Johnny Appleseed collected apple seeds from cider mills, marking the date and location where he gathered them. He then carried them around in a leather satchel. When he planted the seeds his record keeping allowed him to make notes about which trees grew well, and which ones sprouted quickly.

Apple seeds contain low doses of toxin called cyanide. Luckily, accidental ingestion of few seeds does not induce negative effects. One cup of seeds results in toxicity that may end up fatally.

Apples were introduced to New York by Europeans who brought apple seeds in the 17th century.

Each new apple seed is a unique combination of genes from the mother tree and mystery dad. The only way to reproduce the same type of apple tree is to graft a piece from an existing tree into a new root and grow a clone. There are some 7500 different types of apples grown worldwide. - source

When to plant apple seeds?

Apple seeds contain a compound that releases cyanide when it comes in contact with digestive enzymes. However, it would take roughly 18 apples for enough cyanide to be ingested to kill you.

How apple seeds are dispersed?

Apple seeds contain a chemical compound that turns into cyanide whenever the seeds are chewed or crushed

All apples' seeds contain amygdalin, a substance that releases cyanide when it comes into contact with human digestive enzymes. In large quantities, apple seeds can be very poisonous.

Stink bugs in the Rocky Mountains(Western conifer seed bug) can actually smell incredible, like apples, bananas, or pine sap!

Apple seeds are extreme heterozygotes. If you plant an apple seed, the resulting tree will not produce the same kinds of apples it came from. The fruit will be drastically different and often unsuitable for consumption.

Apple seeds contain small amounts of cyanide. In the only known fatal case of poisoning the individual chewed and swallowed one cup of seeds.

What happens when you eat apple seeds?

Cashews are in fact seeds found on an apple known as the Cashew Apple

Cassava contains more cyanide (in amygdalin form) than apple seeds and are lethal if consumed without soaking, drying and baking.

Cashews are technically a fruit, not a nut. They're grown on the cashew tree, which produces the cashew apple. Cashew 'nuts' are actually the seed of the cashew apple.

How apple seeds germinate?

Traditionally pomegranate (the seeded apple) was grown for decoration so it was selectively bred for how it looks on the outside rather than for the fruit.

John McIntosh, a Scottish-American, had traveled to Canada to meet his loyalist lover only to find her dead. Upon settling a farm in Canada however, he came across a few wild apple seeds and decided to transplant them. This apple variant would become known as the world famous McIntosh Apple.

Cherry pits and apple seeds contain enzymes that your digestive track will turn into cyanide.

Cashew nuts are not nuts. They're seeds. Apple seeds.

Apple seeds contain a chemical that releases cyanide when digested and a human could receive a fatal dose of cyanide by finely chewing 20 apple cores

Apple seeds have trace amounts of cyanogenic glycoside, and someone once died from eating a whole cup of them.

Apple seeds contain amygdalin, a cyanide and sugar compound that degrades into hydrogen cyanide (HCN) when metabolized.

There is cyanide in cherry pits and apple seeds

100 grams of crushed apple seeds yield about 70 mg of HCN

Cashews are actually seeds, of cashew apples, and that they're sold de-shelled because their shells are very poisonous.

Apple seeds contain cyanide. Eating 20 apple cores will kill an adult, while eating less could result in paralysis, coma or brain damage.

The cashew nut is actually a seed that grows out the bottom of a cashew apple on the caju tree native to Brazil, and it looks like this.

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