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Jason Statham almost drowned during the filming of The Expendables 3 when a truck's brakes failed and it plunged into the Black Sea, but survived thanks to being an Olympic-class diver.

how to stop a car with failed brakes?

Elevators fall up ... If the brake fails the counterweight will fall slamming the cab into the roof ( industry term willywonka-ing)

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  1. Jason Statham plunged 60ft into the black sea while in a vehicle when the brakes failed during a stunt while filming the Expendables 3

  2. How to safely perform an emergency brake on a bicycle if your brakes fail.

  3. In January 2015, a brave Pakistani man stopped 22 wheeler truck whose brakes had been failed on Motorway & its drivers had jumped out of it to save their lives.

  4. Jason Statham nearly died during the filming of Expendables 3 when the brakes of the truck he was driving failed causing the truck to fall 60ft into the Black Sea.

  5. Some highways have runaway truck ramps for when truck brakes fail and they cannot stop

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