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Homer Simpson’s conversations with his own brain were often introduced because it filled time and was easy for animators to work on. Homer's conversations with his brain were used several times during the 4th season, but were later phased out after producers “used every possible permutation.”

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Everyone is actually blind in one part of their vision, and you can easily see this in action right now with a simple test. The cause is nerve fibers blocking the retina, and your brain just fills in this spot with surrounding images, so you don't normally notice it.

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what is it called when your brain fills in the gaps?

  1. The color magenta does not have a wavelength. It's the product of combining red and blue light, which are on the opposite ends of the visible light spectrum, so our brains fill in the gap with what they think the color should be.

  2. Ancient Roman politician Gaius Gracchus had a bounty placed on his head that was equivalent to his head's weight in gold. The head was delivered, but the reward was never paid because it was discovered that his captor removed Gaius' brain and filled his head with molten lead.

  3. About Chronostatis, the term which describes why the first second of a clock lasts longer when you look at it. It occurs after rapid eye movement in which your brain fills in the gap with the first thing you look at after your eyes stop moving.

  4. There's a permanently visible blind spot in our vision, and our brain just fills it in based on surrounding visual information.

  5. If you stare into a mirror in a dimly lit room (think a single candle), your reflection is likely going to look weird, even monstrous. It has to do with how our brain fills in gaps when our eyes don't convey enough information.

  6. The reason that the first second you look at an analogue clock seems longer than the rest is that your brain fills in for the preceeding blur caused by the movement of your eyes

  7. When songs are converted to Midi and put on a piano, without any lyrics your brain fills in the blanks for the lyrics.

  8. Tiny spiders' brains are so large that they fill their body cavities and overflow into their legs, and that some of the tiniest ant brains represent about 15 percent of their biomass

  9. Our brain fills in perception with what it expects before our eyes 'see' anything.

  10. Charles Bonnet syndrome, which causes vivid hallucinations, but isn’t mental illness. It's eyesight loss. The brain fills in with what it's seen before as the eyes deteriorate. 60% of folks losing their sight may get them--but never disclose it because they're afraid they are going nuts!

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Why do you sometimes feel a little sick or dizzy after getting off a ride like the Tilt-A-Whirl? Special loops in your inner ear, called semicircular canals, help with your balance. These canals are filled with fluid, which moves with your head, and move tiny hairs inside the canals, which tells your brain which way your head is moving. When you are spinning (like in the Tilt-A-Whirl) this liquid gets to spinning too. When the ride is over, the liquid is still spinning, but your eyes tell your brain you are not moving. Since your brain is getting two different messages, it gets confused, and you get dizzy as a result.

All vertebrates, including humans, have a physiological blind spot in our vision - we just don't notice it because our brain fills in the gap. - source

Prions, or proteinaceous infectious particles, are proteins found in the brain that can mutate into a corrupt form, causing surrounding proteins to also become misfolded; since enzymes cannot break them down, they accumulate until the brain becomes like a kitchen sponge filled with holes. - source

A coelacanth's brain occupies only 1.5 percent of its cranial cavity. The rest of the braincase is filled with fat.

After the queen dies, some female ants become worker queens. They look like ordinary workers, but undergo extreme internal changes (dopamine): their brains shrink by 25%; their ovaries expand to fill their abdomens; and their life expectancy jumps from about 6 months to several years or more - source

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A coelacanth's brain occupies only 1.5 percent of its cranial cavity. The rest of the brain is filled with fat.

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Each eye has a blind spot near the centre of vision where the optic nerve is attached. Your brain is so good at "filling in" the missing area that you've never noticed.

Musical Ear Syndrome is caused by hypersensitivity (caused by sensory deprivation) in the auditory cortex. Meaning, a "hole" in hearing range (caused by hearing loss) leaves the brain to fill in the "gap" with a piece of music.

Your brain can fill in missing information, tricking some people into thinking they can hear Mariah Carey's vocals in this MIDI version of "All I Want for Christmas"

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Magenta is made up by our brains to fill a gap in the light spectrum.

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