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Neuroscientists in Japan discovered a protein that is essential for rapid communication between the eyes and they brain, so they named it "pikachurin" due to Pikachu's "lightning-fast moves and shocking electric effects."

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About Chronostatis, the term which describes why the first second of a clock lasts longer when you look at it. It occurs after rapid eye movement in which your brain fills in the gap with the first thing you look at after your eyes stop moving.

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  1. Issues with eye function in those affected by albinism can include nystagmus (rapid uncontrollable back and forth eye movement), strabismus (eyes fail to function in unison), amblyopia (lazy eye), being extremely near or far-sighted, photophobia, having underdeveloped optic nerves, misrouting of optic nerve signaling, and astigmatism (blurred vision).

  2. During a sleep-like state cuttlefish experience colour changes, twitching, and rapid eye movements similar to REM sleep.

  3. Chicken is active during the day (diurnal bird). It sleeps during the night and dreams just like humans (based on the rapid eye movement that can be seen during the sleep).

  4. Sperm whales sleep upside down vertically and exhibit rapid eye movement just like us

  5. We are paralyzed when we sleep, and that there is a dangerous condition called Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Behavior Disorder which disables that paralysis and can make you hit people or run out of windows (like Mike Birbiglia) while you are sleeping.

  6. The flies that try to fly into your face when you are mowing the lawn are actually called "eye flies". They drink tears and "move from host to host and from anus to face" transmitting infections... one of which is "rapidly fatal" to children.

  7. Ogre-faced spiders constantly manufacture a large area of light-sensitive membrane in their eyes each night, which are rapidly destroyed during the day as they don't have irises.

  8. The Octopus has a gland behind the eyes that releases hormones after procreation, leading to rapid aging and death. Removing this gland can over double their lifespan.

  9. REM sleep is linked to vivid dreaming. It helps in forming new memories, stimulates the central nervous system, and restores brain chemistry to a normal balance. Astral projectors describe vibrations in entering their experience, due to centralization of consciousness during rapid eye movement.

  10. Guitar strings when played vibrate in a wave shape constantly, and that shape depends on the frequencies of the notes being played, however it is naked to the human eye. A phone camera can make these rapid oscillations visible because it records at a certain frame rate. Here is the result

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How To Lucid Dream: Dream Journal, Reality Checks, Mnemonic Induction To Lucid Dreaming (MILD), Personal Dream Signs, go back to sleep when awakened from a dream, understand when Lucid Dreams are Common, control excitement, Rapid Eye Moment (REM) Sleep - source

A Cataract is not just opacity in the lens of an eye but also powerful water rapids/ waterfalls. - source

Your eyes 'turn off' when they undergo rapid motions to assess your field of vision, leaving you momentarily blind.

Lucid dreaming is the result of a sleep disorder known as Narcolepsy, a clinical sleep disorder that causes people to fall asleep quickly at any time during the day. The reason behind those weird vivid dreams is related to REM, or Rapid Eye Movement. - source

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Excoecaria agallocha, or blind-your-eye mangrove, is a plant that produces a poisonous latex that causes irritation and rapid blistering- contact with eyes results in temporary blindness.

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