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The caveman fused into rock. After extracting the bones sticking out from limestone, researchers believe the Neanderthal fell down a sinkhole around 150,000 years ago. The bones gradually became incorporated into the stalactites left behind by water dribbling down the cave walls.

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Guitarist Les Paul's right elbow was shattered in a car accident. Doctors were unable to repair it so he had them fuse his arm bones at a 90 degree angle so he could continue to play guitar.

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  1. We are born with around 300 bones and then it decreases to 206 bones by adulthood after some bones have fused together.

  2. Titanium can osseointegrate, which means that it can fuse with bones and is one of the reasons why it is used extensively in biomedical implants

  3. You are born with 270 bones but due to fusing have 206 as an adult.

  4. Infants do not have bone kneecaps. They're cartilage until ages 3 to 5 when bone starts forming in the patella. This process continues until ages 10 to 12 or so before the patches of bone are all connected and fused.

  5. Name Ankylosaurus means "fused lizard" and it refers to fused bones in the skull and other parts of the body which were responsible for the rugged appearance of this animal.

  6. After 6 weeks the boy's leg had healed without gangrene and the bones had fused.

  7. Human babies have around 300 bones. They fuse together as they age and as adults we end up with 206 bones.

  8. There is a medical condition called Craniosynostosis, where the bones in the skull fuse too early in infants and cause facial deformities.

  9. Newborns skulls are made up of several pieces of bone that fuse together until age 7.

  10. Babies are actually born with around 305 bones and as they grow their bones fuse together to become the normal amount of 206

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