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Mola Mola (Ocean Sunfish) have the potential to grow more than 60 million times their birth size, arguably the most extreme size growth of any vertebrate animal.

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sea lions have been seen ripping off the fins of sunfish and then abandoning the body. The hapless, finless molas unceremoniously sink to the seafloor and are consumed slowly by bat stars.

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  1. Some of the common sea life that can be spotted in the Bali Sea include nudibranchs, clown trigger fish, mandarin fish, manta rays, mola mola, and turtles.

  2. Spanish Civil War} F. Franco wasn't supposed to be the ruler of the post-war dictatorship in Spain. Conveniently for him, his two superiors (General Sanjurjo and General Mola) died both in airplane crashes - Sanjurjo in July, 1936 and Mola in June, 1937. That's less than a year in between.

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