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"Doctors can use the foreskins of circumcised infants to grow skin for burn victims. Just one foreskin can create 23,000 square meters of skin"

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It's possible for circumcised males to non-surgically restore their foreskin by tugging on it, causing the body to generate new skin cells

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  1. An essay by 17th century philosopher Leo Allatius which claims that the circumcised foreskin of Jesus Christ ascended to Heaven at the same time as him, and became the rings of Saturn

  2. There is an anti-circumcision movement and one of the 'intactivists' has created a comic book (Foreskin Man) to raise awareness. It currently has 7 issues.

  3. The Italian town of Calcata paraded around what was to believed to be Jesus' foreskin every year on January 1st, in honor of the Feast of Circumcision. The practice ended when the jewel encrusted box it was in was stolen from the priest' home.

  4. Hospitals sell infant foreskins, creating a profit motive to perform unnecessary circumcisions.

  5. In Exodus 4:18-31, God tries to kill Moses because he is uncircumcised. His wife, Zipporah, then quickly circumcises their son and touches his foreskin to Moses' penis, thus performing a vicarious circumcision. Because of this, God "let him alone".

  6. Disagreeing claims about what church had the genuine foreskin of Jesus (separated at his circumcision) as a relic lead the Roman Catholic Church in 1900 to declare that anyone claiming that any relic was the genuine foreskin would be excommunicated.

  7. Foreskins of circumcised babies are often used as skin graft tissue, to help manufacture human skin, and to make anti-wrinkle skin creams.

  8. Male converts to Judaism are required, even if previously circumcised, to have a drop of blood drawn from where the foreskin once was in a ritual called hatafat dam brit.

  9. Foreskin restoration is a thing, and that one of the options is to have weights stretch out any skin leftover from a circumcision

  10. Your can regrow your own foreskin as a circumcised adult

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Originally circumcision only cut off the overhang of the foreskin, no the entire thing.

Baby foreskins after circumcision are used for making cosmetics, for skin grafting and for cosmetic testing. - source

Natives of the Tokelau Islands would circumcise their males by making an incision in the foreskin with a shark's tooth. - source

Foreskin obtained from the circumcision of babies is used for skin grafts on patients such as burn victims.

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