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A witness in a Scottish court who had answered "aye" to confirm he was the person summoned was told by the Sheriff that he must answer either "yes" or "no". His name was read again and he was asked to confirm it, he answered "aye" again, and was imprisoned for 90 minutes for contempt of court.

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There is an animal that looks like a gremlin with a "long, bony, witch-like middle finger" called an Aye Aye. These gentle, harmless animals are killed due to local superstition that aye-ayes are harbingers of death, and if an aye-aye points its middle finger at you, it's a death sentence.

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  1. A Scottish teen was punished for contempt of court in 1993 because he kept unconsciously responding “aye” when asked to say “yes” or “no.” As he told reporters, “I thought I was answering him.“

  2. On ships at sea there is a difference between "aye aye sir" and "yes sir". "Aye aye sir" indicates that an order has been received, is understood and will be carried out immediately. "Yes sir" would only indicate agreement to an order.

  3. Clair Engle, a US Senator who was left unable to speak because of a brain tumor. In 1964, when the Senate voted on whether or not to break the filibuster on the Civil Rights Act of 1964, he pointed to his eye, signaling his vote in favor of ending the filibuster ("aye").

  4. Aye-aye taps a branch with its finger and listens is there is any sound of moving insects or larvae inside. If the movement is detected, aye-aye will make a hole with sharp teeth and use its middle digit to scoop the prey.

  5. Body of aye-aye is covered with brown coat with few white hairs. It has large eyes and large, sensitive ears.

  6. Aye-aye is a small animal that can reach 14 to 17 inches in length and weight of up to 4 pounds. Its tail is longer than its body, reaching up to 24 inches in length.

  7. Ranomafana National Park has 12 lemur species, including the golden bamboo lemur, eastern wooly lemur, aye-aye lemur, red bellied lemur, brown mouse lemur, eastern grey bamboo lemur, greater dwarf lemur, greater bamboo lemur, small-toothed sportive lemur, black-and-white ruffed lemur, and the Milne-Edwards sifaka lemur.

  8. Aye-aye is nocturnal (active at night) animal, that spends most of its life high in the treetops.

  9. Aye-aye is a type of lemur, although it looks like a mixture of several different animals. It has incisors like rodent, claws like sloth, face like weasel and body like monkey.

  10. Aye-aye eats insect larva, nectar, seed, fruit and fungi.

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Aye-aye spends a day in nests in the trees. It builds several nests of twigs and leaves on its territory and it often changes its location to escape from the predators.

Aye-aye does not have specific time of the year when it mates. It can reproduce throughout the whole year.

Aye-aye reproduces every 2-3 years and it becomes sexually mature at age of 3 - 3.5 years.

It has specifically designed middle finger which is used for extraction of food from trunks, braches and hard shells. This finger is very thin (looks like it is made of skin and bones) and it can be three times longer than other fingers.

Aye-aye is a solitary creature that gathers with other aye-ayes only for mating.

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In 2014, Groundskeeper Willie (from Simpsons) featured on an official Scottish Independence video with a tattoo on his chest 'Aye or Die!' After losing the referendum, producers released an image of Willie, depressed in front of Union Jack with a tattoo of the Queen and empty bottles of whisky

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Besides humans, main predators of aye-aye are fossa and birds of prey.

When the female is ready for reproduction, she will vocalize to inform the males.

Aye-ayes can be found only on the island of Madagascar. These rare animals are related to chimpanzees, apes, and humans.

Average lifespan in captivity is 20 to 23 years. Lifespan in the wild is unknown.

Pregnancy in females lasts 160 days and ends with one baby that spends first two months of its life in the nest. Aye-aye depends on mother's milk during the first seven months, but it will stays with its mother until the age of two years.

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The Aye Aye, or the largest known nocturnal lemur, has a sixth digit on it's hand which is known as a pseudothumb

One Scottish man got imprisoned for 90 minutes for saying 'aye' instead of 'yes' or 'no'

Most species of lemur live in family groups of around 15 animals. Groups can be composed of animals of both or only one gender. Dominant female is the leader of the group. Some species, such as aye-aye, are solitary.

The brand RVCA is pronounced rookah and not an abbreviation Are Vee Cee Aye. The Roman ‘U’, which is the English ‘V’ is used

There's a version of Hamlet where the play’s most famous speech begins, “To be or not to be, aye, there’s the point.” It's called "the bad Hamlet."

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