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Ex-Slave Benjamin Banneker, a noted Astronomer wrote a letter accusing Thomas Jefferson of Fraud and Hypocrisy for championing liberty while owning slaves

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Benjamin Banneker, a renowned black scientist, published several astronomical almanacs, and assisted in surveying the land that was to become Washington D.C.

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  1. Benjamin Banneker was the first scientist to study the relativity of time and space, and his revelations on the topic preceded Einstein's Theory of Relativity by two centuries.

  2. Benjamin Banneker designed the grid plan of Washington D.C. Now I know who to blame for the traffic(jk). But Banneker was quite the gentleman. I didn’t know he accomplished so much.

  3. Benjamin Banneker was a notable African American mathematician, astronomer, scientist, author, farmer, urban planner, and publisher who once matched wits with Thomas Jefferson advocated for ending of slavery.

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