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Alan Turing, WW2 codebreaker and father of modern computer science, was also a world-class distance runner of his time. He ran a 2:46 marathon in 1949 (2:36 won an olympic gold in 1948). His local running club discovered him when he overtook them repeatedly while out running alone for relaxation

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First game of chess against a computer was played in 1952 by Alan Turing. Because there were no computers powerful enough to actually run the program Alan Turing "ran" the program manually on a piece of paper

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  1. Alan Turing was charged with "gross indencency" after self-reporting a burglary and telling the police about the relationship he had with a man he suspected was involved. He chose chemical castration as his sentence. This caused him to grow breasts, become depressed, triggers for his suicide.

  2. Alan Turing, the man who broke the enigma code during WWII, is estimated to have shortened the war by over two years, and to have saved over 14 million lives. He was later charged for his homosexuality and was forced to undergo chemical castration.

  3. Alan Turing's Work in Decrypting Encoded Enigma Messages Saved an Estimated 14 to 21 Million Lives During World War II

  4. In the 40s, computer memory systems used mercury as an acoustic medium. Alan Turing suggested gin as a cheaper alternative.

  5. Alan Turing's Bombe machine, built to crack Germany's Enigma-encrypted messages during WWII, was far too slow to decrypt messages until he realized that all encrypted messages ended with "Heil Hitler." They were then able to decrypt messages within hours, and change the course of the war.

  6. Alan Turing, the father of the computer, ran a 2.46 marathon, only 11 minutes slower than that year's olympic gold medal time

  7. There were over 158,962,555,217,826,360,000 combinations to the Enigma Machine, regarding the codes it could use for messages. Yet, Alan Turing's Bombe machine, through just trial and error, was able to decode messages sent by Germans in 20 minutes.

  8. It was rumored that the Apple Inc. logo had a bite taken from it to represent the poison apple that computer scientist and mathematician, Alan Turing, allegedly laced with cyanide to kill himself with. The designer has said, it wasn't, but “It’s a wonderful urban legend.”

  9. Alan Turing once said at the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, "No, I'm not interested in developing a powerful brain. All I'm after is just a mediocre brain, something like the President of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company."

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Alan Turing, the pioneering computer scientist / cryptographer, and Ian Fleming, the author of the James Bond novels, worked together during WWII. They rarely agreed on anything.

Alan Turing, the father of theoretical Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, was chemically castrated for homosexual activities after World War II. He received a royal pardon nearly 60 years after he committed suicide. - source

Benedict Cumberbatch is actually related to Alan Turing - source

The creator of the first programmable computer (Tommy Flowers, not Alan Turing!) was denied a loan to build more after the war by the Bank of England. They didn't believe it would ever work, and he couldn't tell them he'd already built several for Bletchley Park.

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Alan Turing ran a marathon in 1947 in 2 hours and 46 minutes, only 11 minutes slower than the winner in the following year's Olympic Games.

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Manchester University ran "Turing's Sunflowers", a community project to finish Alan Turing's work on plant morphology

He showed tremendous talent in school, but was a student at an institution that placed greater emphasis on the classics of education rather than on innovation or experimentation.

A Swedish mathematician (Arne Beurling) single-handedly deciphered and reverse engineered an early version of the secret German communication system in WWII. This early system is considered more difficult than the later Enigma system deciphered by Alan Turing.

Turing is widely considered to be the "father of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence."

Due to his ingenious work on the advancement of computers and computer science and due to his attendance as both a student and a Fellow, the computer lab at King's College, Cambridge, is named in his honor.

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He later designed the ACE computer while working at the National Physical Laboratory, which was the first model to store programs.

Turing teamed up with Max Newman at Machester University's Computing Laboratory; there, he worked on the development of the Manchester computer.

Alan Turing was given oestrogen as "hormonal treatment for homosexuality" which resulted in the loss of his libido, impotency and gynecomastia (male tits)

This event plagued him, and there are conflicting reports that it may have led to his death.

Alan Turing mathematically predicted the existence of oscillating chemical reactions.

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Benedict Cumberbatch, who played Alan Turing in The Imitation Game, is actually Turing’s 17th Cousin

Turning began his career working for the British government during World War II in their codebreaking center, specifically as a leader of the infamous Hut 8, which focused its efforts on cryptanalysis of the German navy.

Turing is credited with creating the formalized concept of the terms "computation" and "algorithm," as they pertain to computer science.

That, despite breaking the Enigma cipher and helping the Allies win World War II, Alan Turing was required by law to undergo hormonal treatment to "fix" his homosexuality.

Alan Turing claimed his concrete solution to Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem, which became the mathematical foundation of the computer, came to him in a "vision".

The study of prime numbers and Number Theory resulted in the eventual inception of the computer by Alan Turing and also credit card encryption on the internet

While many consider his death by cyanide poisoning to have been an act of suicide, possibly prompted by the controversy in his personal life, other more knowledgeable sources indicate that he was working on an experimental computer component that required significant amounts of cyanide.

With his invention, the Turing machine, he used those concepts in what can be called the first computer.

Alan Turing was a fantastic marathon runner, running just shy of the 1948 Olympic standards.

Alan Turing avoided military service while working on cracking Enigma in WWII. The enlistment paperwork asked, “Do you understand that by enrolling in the Home Guard, you place yourself under military law?” Turing wrote: “No.”

An Alan Turing expert believes that the famed scientist and mathematician might not have committed suicide, and instead that an accidental death is more consistent with everything we now know about the circumstances.

In his personal life, Turing was arrested for a social crime and convicted, but was decades later granted a formal apology by the British Prime Minister; an official state pardon followed in 2013, granted by Queen Elizabeth II.

British codebreaker Alan Turing was granted a royal pardon in 2013 for his convinction of homosexual "crimes" that led to his suicide

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