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Cornell researchers modeled the zombie outbreak, and estimated that New York City would fall in a day.

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In February 2013 the Montana Emergency Alert System was hacked to alert residents of a zombie outbreak. The hack was only possible because no one changed the default password to the EAS server.

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  1. The US Government has contingencies in the event of a zombie outbreak

  2. The United States Military has a contingency plan in case of a zombie is called CONPLAN-8888

  3. Amazon Web Services has a zombie apocalypse clause in their Terms of Service that allows you to use their platform for things like operating medical equipment, autonomous vehicles, nuclear power, and other "life-critical" systems in the event of a zombie outbreak.

  4. The "Zombie Apocalypse" meme spread out just like a zombie apocalypse would - Patient Zero (Night of the Living Dead) was accidentaly released with its copyright notice deleted, thus contributing to the outbreak of this meme

  5. The parasitic phorid fly hijacks the brain of bees, essentially putting them in a zombie-like state before killing and devouring them. Outbreaks in the US and Canada have made the news recently.

  6. US Centres for Disease Control have a zombie outbreak preparedness program

  7. There is a Zombie Apocalypse simulator to show how quickly an outbreak would spread (USA)

  8. About the US Government's extensive contingencies for a zombie outbreak; CONPLAN8888

  9. In a city of 500,000 people, it would take just 3 days for the zombies to outnumber survivors. The only method for containing outbreak is immediate and systematic eradication of the infected.

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