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In 1970, author Yukio Mishima performed public seppuku at the Japan Self-Defense Forces HQ after a failed coup. After stabbing himself, the man meant to decapitate him failed to do so after 3 strikes. That man also performed seppuku, but failed to do so, being killed by his own second.

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About Yukio Mishima a famous Japanese author, poet, playwright, actor, film director turned ultranationalist who attempted a coup d'etat by storming a JSDF headquarters and trying to rally the soldiers to help him restore power to the emperor

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  1. Japanese Author Yukio Mishima, who commited seppuku after a failed coup attempt in 1970.

  2. During Yukio Mishima's ritual suicide in 1970, it was planned that he would be decapitated by Masakatsu Morita; however, Morita was not trained in the sword and failed, so Hiroyasu Koga completed it. Koga then decapitated Morita as part of Morita's own seppuku.

  3. Japanese author Yukio Mishima starred in the 1966 short film Yukoku, in which his character decides to commit seppuku (ritualized suicide) after a militaristic failure. Three years later, life imitated art, as Mishima comitted seppuku for real after a failed coup d'état.

  4. In 1970, famed Japanese author Yukio Mishima used his personal right-wing militia to take a general hostage and attempt a coup, and subsequently committed seppuku

  5. Yukio Mishima, a gay Japanese author who attempted to stage a coup d'etat of the Japanese Self-Defence Forces in 1970, and tried to incite the Armed Forces into a revolt to restore power to the Emperor. When the coup failed, he committed Seppuku alongside one other follower.

  6. Yukio Mishima, a gay Japanese author who attempted to stage a coup d'etat of the Japanese Self-Defence Forces in the 1970s, before committing Seppuku when the coup failed.

  7. After a failed coup attempt in 1970, author Yukio Mishima committed seppuku. Masakatsu Morita was assigned to sever his head, but was unable to perform the task. After some failed attempts, he allowed Hiroyasu Koga to do it. Morita then stabbed himself, and Koga again performed the duty.

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