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Lola Montez, an Irish woman who passed herself off as Spanish, had affairs with Franz Liszt, Alexandre Dumas & the king of Bavaria (who made her countess, triggering a popular uprising and his own abdication), and later lived in Australia and the US Far West, all before dying at 40

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When faced with discrimination, Alexandre Dumas, writer of the Three Musketeers and a mulatto, would write: "My father was a mulatto, my grandfather was a Negro, and my great-grandfather a monkey. You see, Sir, my family starts where yours ends."

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  1. The father of French author Alexandre Dumas (The Three Musketeers, etc.) was simultaneously born into slavery & nobility & became the highest ranking person of color of all time in a European Army.

  2. Thomas-Alexandre Dumas the father of novelist Alexandre Dumas. Was a general in Revolutionary France and the highest-ranking person of color of all time in a European army. He was the first person of color in the French military to become general-in-chief of a French army

  3. Alexandre Dumas (Author of The Three Musketeers, etc.) was the son of Thomas-Alexandre Dumas, hero of the French Wars of Revolution and the highest ranking officer of African descent ever to serve in a European army

  4. Alexandre Dumas was black, and suffered at the hands of racism for most of his life, yet still was celebrated as France's most widely read writer having written 'The Three Musketeers' and 'The Count of Monte Cristo'.

  5. Thomas-Alexandre Dumas, one of Napoleon's generals, was the highest ranking officer of African descent in the Western World until 1975. Also, Alexandre Dumas' father.

  6. The Man in the Iron Mask was a real person. He was imprisoned with a mask covering his face for decades. The idea of him having been related to king Louis XIV, and having had his mask made of iron, used by Alexandre Dumas in his D'Artagnan saga, was first coined by French philosopher Voltaire.

  7. Alexandre Dumas, author of The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo, was one of the first examples of the modern bestelling author...right down to the army of ghost writers, of which he employed 73.

  8. Alexandre Dumas was bi-racial, from the introduction of a 1955 edition of "The Count of Monte Cristo"

  9. Alexandre Dumas worked with a uncredited collaborator who was responsible for much of The Three Musketeers books, The Count of Monte Cristo, and other novels. Auguste Maquet did all the research, created the plot and characters, wrote the first draft, and then Dumas then rewrote the dialogue.

  10. The Club des Hashischins ("Club of the Hashish-Eaters"), a Parisian group dedicated to drug-induced experiences, notably with hashish. Members included Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas, Charles Baudelaire, and Honoré de Balzac

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France's first black general, Alexandre Dumas, once fought a cavalry squadron by himself — and emerged unscathed. He's also the father of the writer of the 3 Musketeers - source

During his first ever duel at age 23, famous French author Alexandre Dumas' pants fell down. Despite the wardrobe malfunction, Dumas emerged victorious. - source

The Eiffel Tower plans competed against a giant guillotine for the Universal Exposition of 1889 to celebrate the centenniel of the French Revolution. Opposition of the tower included famed author Alexandre Dumas

Alexandre Lippmann, the great-grandson of Alexandre Dumas, won two gold medals in fencing for France in 1908 and 1924. - source

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The highest ranking black man of any army in Europe was General in Chief Thomas-Alexandre Dumas, who was also the father of The Three Musketeers author Alexandre Dumas.

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In 1843, when insulted about his african ancestry, French Author Alexandre Dumas replied; "my Grandfather was a mulatto, my grandfather was a negro and my great grandfather a monkey. You see sir, my family begins where yours ends."

The mausoleum of the Pantheon of Paris holds the remains of Voltaire, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Victor Hugo, Marie Curie and Alexandre Dumas

D'Artagnan from Alexandre Dumas' novels was inspired by a real life muskeeter

The highest ranking non-white person ever in a European army was Divisional General Thomas-Alexandre Dumas, the father of writer Alexandre Dumas. No member of an ethnic minority has ranked higher in Europe in the 200+ years since.

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