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Astrid Lindgren, the author of Pippi Longstocking, at one point paid a marginal tax rate of 102%. She nevertheless supported the Social Democratic Party responsible for the tax rate her whole life.

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A movie adaptation of Pippi Longstocking was produced in 1949, starring Viveca Serlachius.

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  1. A theme park exists in Vimmerby (near where she was born) called Astrid Lindgren's World.

  2. Astrid went on to write many more books, including the ones she is best known for: the series Karisson-on-the-Roof, the series Bill Bergson, and the single titles Emil of Lonneberga, Madicken, Ronia the Robber's Daughter, Seacrow Island, The Six Bullerby Children, Mio My Son, and The Brothers Lionheart.

  3. Astrid discovered she was pregnant in 1926, and after rejecting the marriage proposal by the father, she moved to Stockholm. Her son Lars was born, and she continued to work, visiting him as often as possible while he lived in Copenhagen with a foster family. She eventually took Lars to live with her parents, until she was able to raise him herself.

  4. Only 100 meters from Astrid's Wellspring is The Astrid Lindgren Museum.

  5. Astrid Lindgren's Pippi Longstocking series became one of the most-loved children's series of all time. Astrid wrote three full-length Pippi Longstocking novels including Pippi Longstocking (1945), Pippi Goes Aboard (1946), and Pippi in the South Seas (1948).

  6. In 1931 Astrid married Sture Lindgren. He was also her boss. They had a daughter named Karin.

  7. A memorial sculpture of Astrid was designed and placed next to her childhood residence. It is called "Källa Astrid" which means "Astrid's Wellspring."

  8. In 1967, on Astrid Lindgren's 60th birthday, her publisher Rabén & Sjögren established the Astrid Lindgren Prize for children's authors. It is an annual prize still being awarded each year in Sweden.

  9. Astrid Lindgren also wrote three picture books in the Pippi Longstocking series including Pippi on the Run (1971), Pippi's After Christmas Party (1950), and Pippi Longstocking in the Park (2001).

  10. Astrid Lindgren, author of Pippi Longstocking, worked as an editor and publisher by the Stockholm publishing house Rabén & Sjögreb. One time she approached Tove Jansson, author of Moomin, and asked her to illustrate the Swedish edition of The Hobbit

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Junibacken is a museum in Stockholm is mainly in honor of Astrid Lindgren's work. There is a train ride that takes passengers though Astrid's worlds from her novels.

A large number of films and even TV series have been made that were based on Astrid Lindgren's work.

Several short books and picture books have been created from the original three Pippi Longstocking books.

Astrid worked at the publishing company that would publish Pippi Longstocking. She was a children's book editor.

Astrid Lindgren died on January 28, 2002, at the age of 94, in Stockholm, Sweden.

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In honor of Astrid Lindgren, Soviet astronomer Nikolai Stepanovich Chernykh named a minor planet after her. It was discovered in 1978 and is called 3204 Lindgren.

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Stieg Larsson loosely based Lisbeth Salander from the Millennium series on what he imagined to be an adult version of Pippi Longstocking from Astrid Lindgren's books.

The swedish author Astrid Lindgren had some instruments in a microsatellite namned after her book characters. Afterwards she wanted to be adressed as "Asteroid Lindgren".

Rövarspråket (English: The Robber Language) is a Swedish language game. It became popular after the books about Kalle Blomkvist by Astrid Lindgren, where the children use it as a code, both at play and in solving actual crimes.

Astrid Lindgren was once handed a note by a stranger which read: “Thank you for bringing some glitter into my gloomy childhood.”

Astrid Lindgren had influenced the 1974 Swedish election, in which the Social Democrats lost for the first time in 44 years

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Astrid Lindgren, author of Pippi Longstocking, marginal tax rate once rose to 102% after which she wrote "Pomperipossa in Monismania

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