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The "Black Death" plague (Yersinia pestis) still exists in the US (1–17 reported cases per year).

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The bacteria responsible for the bubonic plague, 'Yersinia pestis', spread to humans through fleas by inhibiting the flea's blood feeding, causing the flea to regurgitate the infected blood into the host's wound and go on an infectious biting spree in a futile attempt to feed itself.

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  1. Plague is not a synonym for epidemic, but actually a specific disease. Bubonic, pneumonic, and septicemic plague are all caused by the same bacteria: Yersinia Pestis

  2. Yersinia pestis (the black plague) became the first biological warfare agent used in history, when in 1347 the Mongols catapaulted plague victims over the city walls of Caffa (now in Crimea). This may have subsequently helped spread the black death in Europe.

  3. In 2015, a fossil of a 20 million year old flea trapped in amber was found in a Dominican mine that carried a bacteria similar to Black Death. The bacteria was believed to be a strain of Yersinia pestis, the bacteria an ancestor of the Bubonic Plague.

  4. There was a third, lesser known, pandemic of the plague (Yersinia pestis) that started in 1855 in China and was active until 1959.

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