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The volleyball “character” of Wilson in Cast Away was created by the film’s screenwriter after he deliberately stranded himself on an isolated beach for a week and a volleyball washed ashore. This was the inspiration for the film's inanimate companion.

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For 15 years, Wilson Sporting Goods has sold a volleyball that is identical to Wilson from the movie Cast Away.

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  1. Wilson the Volleyball from the movie Castaway was inspired when screenwriter William Broyles, Jr deliberately stranded himself for one week on an isolated beach in the Sea of Cortez in which a volleyball washed up on shore.

  2. Wilson the Volleyball has his own IMDB actor page, complete with bio, filmography, & personal details.

  3. Wilson, the volleyball from the movie Castaway, won a Critic's Choice Award for "Best Inanimate Object"

  4. Before writing the script for Cast Away, screenwriter Bill Broyles actually had himself stranded on a remote island for a week to get a better sense of how it felt. While there, a volleyball manufactured by Wilson washed up on shore.

  5. According to IMDB, Wilson the Volleyball is the shortest celebrity, followed closely by ''The world's ugliest dog''

  6. One of the original Wilson volleyballs from Castaway (2000) sold for over $18,400

  7. Nineteen years after the movie Cast Away was released, Wilson Sporting Goods still sells a replica "Wilson" volleyball.

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The actor who played Wilson in Castaway is the same actor from the Top Gun volleyball scene

Wilson, the sporting goods retailer, still sells replicas of the Cast Away volleyball over 14 years after the movie's release date. - source

Wilson the volleyball has his own IMDB page.

Wilson the Volleyball has its own IMDb page. - source

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One of the writers of Castaway deliberately stranded himself on an island for a week to see what it would be like, and a volleyball washed ashore, giving him the idea for the Wilson character.

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Wilson the Volleyball from Cast Away (2000) won a Critics' Choice away for Best Inanimate Object.

Wilson Sporting Goods still sells replica"Wilson" volleyballs from the movie Cast Away

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