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General William Tecumseh Sherman once said of Ulysses S. Grant: "Grant is a great general. He stood by me when I was crazy. and I stood by him when he was drunk; and now we stand by each other." Sherman had been previously removed from command for insanity.

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William Tecumseh Sherman married his foster sister. His foster parents didn’t seem to mind.

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  1. General Sherman, a giant sequoia located in the Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park in Tulare County, California, is the biggest tree in the world based on its volume. It's named after William Tecumseh Sherman, an American Civil War general in the Union army.

  2. Union General William Tecumseh Sherman burned Jackson MS a total of 3 times in just 9 months.

  3. John Sherman, the “Sherman” in the Sherman Antitrust Act, was the younger brother of U.S. Civil War general William Tecumseh Sherman.

  4. Ex-Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston died as a result of catching a cold while he was attending ex-Union General William Tecumseh Sherman's funeral.

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