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Oral tradition in Kenya tells that 20 shipwrecked Chinese sailors washed up on shore in the 15th century and were given permission to settle and marry into local tribes. DNA tests conducted by China's government in 2002 on one of the supposed descendants and found that she was of Chinese descent

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A motorcycle swept away by the Japanese tsunami washed up on the shore in Canada, the owner was identified and the motorcycle was returned.

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  1. Bill Broyles, the writer for the movie Castaway, chose to deliberately strand himself for one week on an isolated beach in the Sea of Cortez, to force himself to search for water and food, and obtain his own shelter. During this time, a volleyball washed up on shore.

  2. North Korean "Ghost Ships" keep washing up on Japanese shores full of corpses.

  3. "Jerome of Sandy Cove" an unknown man who washed up on the shore of Nova Scotia September 8 1863. Both his legs were amputated above the knees and he couldn't (or refused to) understand French, Latin, Italian, or Spanish. He died 49 years later and no one ever figured out where he came from.

  4. The British sent ships and men to the US at the start of WWII to protect us from German U-boats. One ship sank and all 37 men on-board died. Only 4 washed up on shore. A special "British Cemetery" was created and it is leased in perpetuity to England so the men are at rest on British soil

  5. Whales, sturgeon, dolphins and porpoises that wash up on the shore in the UK are "royal fish" and are property of the Queen.

  6. When researching the film "Cast Away", Screen writer William Broyal Jr deliberately stranded himself on an isolated island for one week to force himself to find food, water and obtain shelter. During this time, a volleyball washed up on shore. This was the inspiration for Wilson.

  7. Wilson the Volleyball from the movie Castaway was inspired when screenwriter William Broyles, Jr deliberately stranded himself for one week on an isolated beach in the Sea of Cortez in which a volleyball washed up on shore.

  8. A German sub being towed to a scrapyard after the end of WWI broke lose and washed up on the shore of a Hastings beach resort. Methods to remove it from the beach included a French destroyer firing at the sub, in attempt to break her up.

  9. 11 years after the Challenger disaster, two barnacle-encrusted pieces of the wreckage measuring 6 feet wide and 13 feet long washed up on shore just 20 miles south of the Kennedy Space Center.

  10. In Wash Away Beach, Washington, the shore line is eroding at 100 feet per year. You can buy a beachfront house there for $500, but it won't outlast the winter.

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In the middle of many underwater reefs, a Coral Cay forms above the surface. 1000's of pieces of dead coral get broken off the reef and get washed up onto shore.

In the late 80s, hypodermic needles and other medical waste from the Fresh Kills Landfill washed up onto the shores of New York and New Jersey. Known as Syringe Tides, incidents like these closed more than 70 miles of beaches and are cited in Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire." - source

In 2005 hundreds of Giant Squid mysteriously washed Up On a Newport Beach shore in California and to this day, no one is sure why. - source

A cargo ship once lost an entire shipping container full of Doritos that subsequently washed upon the shore of the Outer Banks, NC

Before writing the script for Cast Away, screenwriter Bill Broyles actually had himself stranded on a remote island for a week to get a better sense of how it felt. While there, a volleyball manufactured by Wilson washed up on shore. - source

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A container ship of Lego toys fell overboard in 1997, and are just now washing up on shore

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Some sharks and rays lay eggs in cases, called "devil's purses" when they wash up on shore.

Since 2007, human feet have been washing up on the shores of an area on the coast of western Canada

11 severed feet have washed up on the shores of British Columbia and Washington since 2007. All have been identified, except for two feet matching the same unidentified man.

The word "globster" was coined in 1962 and describes a chunk of organic mass that washes up on a shore and is initially hard to identify.

Whales that die at sea and wash up on shore can often build up so much toxic fluids and gas that they spontaneously combust. In 2004, one whale exploded in the middle of town after a university refused to dissect it for safety reasons.

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Garfield novelty phones have been washing up along a French coast for 30 years due to a shipping container sitting off the shore. No one is sure how the container got there.

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