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In 1784, Japanese sailor Chunosuke Matsuyama and 43 others were stranded on a Pacific Island after a shipwreck and eventually perished. Before his own death, Matsuyama threw a message in a bottle into the ocean. Over 150 years later the bottle washed ashore in the same town Matsuyama was born.

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A Prince Edward Island resident has sent out over 4,800 bottled messages into the Atlantic and has received more than 3,100 responses. He typically receives 150 Christmas cards from the people he's contacted by bottle each year.

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  1. In 1959 Guinness dropped 150,000 special “messages in a bottle” into the Atlantic Ocean to celebrate its 200th birthday. Making it one of the longest ad campaigns ever.

  2. In 1956, Swedish sailor Ake Viking sent a bottled message “To Someone Beautiful and Far Away” that was found in Sicily by a 17-year-old Sicilian girl named Paolina, sparking a correspondence that culminated in their marriage in 1958.

  3. 8-year-old Abby Enck would take her brother, who has cerebral palsy, to medical visits and noticed the crayons for patients were broken. She held a lemonade kit sale using bottled water with a message of “When life gives you lemons, color” and was able to buy 1000 boxes of crayons.

  4. The oldest-known message in a bottle was tossed overboard from a German ship in 1886 and found off the coast of Wedge Island, Australia earlier this year.

  5. In 1993 an American spelunker found evidence of people living in 2 Ukranian caves during WWII. It was 1942, when a group of families survived the Holocaust by seeking refuge in the caves. Nearly 2 years later, someone left a bottled message alerting all of them the area was safe from Nazis.

  6. In 2014 a message in bottle arrived after 101 years after being recovered by a German fisherman in the Baltic Sea. Researchers then sourced the postcard inside the beer bottle to baker's son Richard Platz and tracked down his 62-year-old granddaughter.

  7. In 1784 Chunosuke Matsuyama wrote a message in a bottle detailing his and 43 shipmates' shipwrecking that was found in 1935 by a Japanese seaweed collector in the village of Hiraturemura, Matsuyama's birthplace

  8. The world's oldest message in a bottle contained a message that allowed the finder to send it back for 1 shilling.

  9. A man called Harold Hackett has put over 4800 messages in bottles into the ocean and has gotten over 3000 responses back.

  10. In the 16th century, Queen Elizabeth I of England—thinking some bottles might contain secret messages sent home by British spies or fleets—appointed an "Uncorker of Ocean Bottles," making it a capital crime for anyone else to open one.

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Nicholas Sparks" published novels also include Message in a Bottle (1996), A Walk to Remember (1999), The Rescue (2000), A Bend in the Road (2001), Nights in Rodanthe (2002), The Guardian (2003), The Wedding (2003), Three Weeks with My Brother (2004), True Believer (2005), At First Sight (2005), Dear John (2006), The Choice (2007), The Lucky One (2008), The Last Song (2009), Safe Haven (2010), The Best of Me (2011), and The Longest Ride (2013).

A 'message in a bottle' sent from the sinking Titanic, washed ashore in Ireland just a few miles from the victims hometown. - source

In 2011, a Scottish fisherman found a bottle with the oldest message ever according to the Guinness Book of World Records. The letter was by Cpt. C. Hunter Brown of the Glasgow School of Navigation and was sent to sea in 1914 along with 1,889 other bottles. To date, 315 have been found. - source

The oldest message in a bottle was just found after 108 years at sea. Because the message promised a reward of 1 shilling for finding and returning it, a shilling coin was procured on eBay so the Marine Biological Association could pay the reward. - source

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Voyager 1, the farthest manmade object in space, has a disc onboard meant to act as a 'message in a bottle' for aliens who might find the satellite. It contains Earth-related photos and sounds, greetings in 55 languages and works of Mozart and many other artists.

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On July 30, 1956 The 30 foot troller (fishing boat) "Linda" swamped and sank. No one knew what happened to the vessel until a message in a bottle was found off of Yakutat, Alaska, USA a full year later.

In the 19th century (and presumably also before), the official postal system on the island of St Kilda was sending messages in bottles.

First recorded messages in bottles were released around 310 BC by the Ancient Greek philosopher Theophrastus, as part of an experiment to show that the Mediterranean Sea was formed by the inflowing Atlantic Ocean

A family that got stuck at the top of a waterfall was rescued thanks to a message in a bottle they tossed downstream

A couple in Germany just found the oldest message in a bottle, over 100 years old!

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After opening a bottle found on a beach, a boy discovered a message from Dan and Dan. It was not a long lost note however, only the day before, the two had been "out our nuts on cocaine" with such a "massive love for the sesh" that they wanted to immortalize their time with a message in a bottle

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