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10 Downing Street in the 19th Century was guarded by two men who would sit outside the building in leather chairs, armed with a pistol. Each chair featured a drawer filled with hot coals to keep the guards warm, and a sphere-shaped hood to protect from the weather and improve acoustics.

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When the allies bombed Hamburg in July 1943, the unusually warm and dry weather conditions created "a vortex and whirling updraft of super-heated air which created a 1,500-foot-high tornado of fire, a totally unexpected effect."

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  1. Beck Weathers was left for dead twice after falling into coma while climbing Everest. At some point, his body warmed up and he regained consciousness. Blind, numb and severly frostbitten, he stumbled 300yd into Camp IV. He was saved in the 2nd highest altitude helicopter rescue in history.

  2. In West Virginia and Ohio it is illegal to warm your car up and leave it running to go back inside during cold weather months.

  3. Changes in climate due to global warming can also cause problems with crop growing, animal habitats, and increased severe weather.

  4. Leaves are edible part of the plant. Taste of leaves depends on the weather conditions. Warm weather leads to accumulation of bitter substances in the leaves of kale, while cold weather stimulates synthesis of sugar and results in tasteful natty-flavored leaves.

  5. A monsoon always blows from a cold region to a warm region.

  6. A sign of spring in NYC is bodies floating to the surface of New York harbor and its rivers due to the accelerated decomposition when the weather warms up.

  7. Emperor penguins gather in large groups to survive extremely cold weather without eating during the incubation period. They change position and move from the periphery to the center of the group from time to time to warm themselves up. Males can lose up to 50% of their body mass during this period.

  8. Thunderstorms often occur in warm, humid conditions.

  9. The warm weather and lack of cold winters made it much easier for illness to spread and thrive.

  10. The second stage of a thunderstorm, called the mature stage, occurs when the rising warm air reaches warmer air and it spreads out into a "cap". This creates frozen water droplets that fall to the earth, melting along the way - unless the updraft is very strong which creates hail. It is during this stage that lightning and thunder and strong winds and rain occur.

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Cold air sinks and as it warms up, it rises. This movement of air is what causes wind.

Froghoppers are also known as 'spittlebugs" due to ability to produce frothy substance called 'spittle" during the nymph stage. Nymphs eat great amount of sap and cover their body with excess fluid mixed with secretion from the abdominal glands. Foamy spittle creates cocoon-like shell around the body which provides protection against predators and parasites, drying of the body and extreme cold and warm weather.

Contrary to popular belief, global warming did not cause El Nino. It is a natural climate change that occurs as semi-regular intervals.

Your hair should grow faster in the warm weather as the heat increases circulation and hair is able to grow faster.

A cold or warm front is represented on a weather map with a line of teeth pointing in the direction that it is moving.

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Hurricanes only form over warm water because they need it for their energy.

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Meteorologists do a lot of research about the earth's weather, including research into global warming, and how the weather is being affected by pollution.

The actual "Revenant" was not betrayed. He made his journey in warm weather, did not kill anyone, and simply asked for his salvaged rifle back.

Despite the fact that only a small percentage of the troposphere's gas is carbon dioxide, this is the determining factor in whether the earth is warm or whether it experiences an ice age. More carbon dioxide equals warmer temperatures while too little will result in another ice age.

Birds survive extremely cold weather, in part, by an artery and vein arrangement that returns warmed blood in the veins to the body before it reaches the feet. Cold feet lose very little heat to the cold ground.

The troposphere extends from the earth's surface to approximately 33,000 feet (6.2 miles) high. However in warm regions like the equator it can rise as high as 65,000 feet (12 miles). In colder regions like the north and south poles, it may rise only as high as 23,000 feet (4 miles).

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While drought is often the result of weather patterns, human activity can be a cause of drought. Deforestation, farming, excessive irrigation, erosion, and climate change due to global warming are all human causes of drought.

The place on a weather map where warm and cold fronts meet indicate where some of the most dangerous weather phenomena can occur such as tornadoes and hurricanes. When these fronts meet, and other factors are combined such as strong winds, very large storms can occur. This makes weather maps extremely important in weather forecasting.

Pine cone scales close during cold and wet weather and open during warm and dry weather for the seeds inside to have a better chance of surviving

When the weather is very warm and dry, the waterfall sometimes evaporates into a mist before it reaches the bottom.

On a weather map a front occurs when two different air masses meet. A cold front is marked by the color blue and a warm front is marked by the color red. The meeting points of the warm and cold fronts are generally where major weather changes in the weather will take place.

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Although more common in warm climates, winter cumulonimbus clouds can result in blizzards, which can also include lightning, thunder, and a lot of snow.

Metamorphosis (transformation of tadpoles into frogs) depends on the temperature. During the warm weather, metamorphosis lasts 30 days. Cold weather prolongs metamorphosis to 75 days. Boreal frogs reach sexual maturity at the age of 4 (males) and 6 (females) years.

An igloo is made up of compressed snow. The air trapped in compressed and compacted snow cannot transfer heat so body heat is able to warm the interior of the igloo to as much as 100 degrees warmer than the outside air, without melting the structure. This is why bears choose to hibernate in deep holes in the snow.

Runny nose in cold weather, that I always considered a problem, is just a side effect of your body trying to warm and humidify cold dry air before it gets to your lungs, and in the process overdoing it a bit too much.

Warm weather activities include hiking and biking in the mountainous country.

Magellanic penguins are not very large but they are the largest warm weather species of penguin.

It isn't necessary or beneficial for your car to warm up before being driving during cold weather.

Known as "China's Hawaii," Hainan boasts crystal clear waters, year-round warm weather and white-sand beaches. There are proposals to a zone there where internet access would be completely unrestricted

Siesta, which is a nap taken in the early afternoon, often after the midday meal. Such a period of sleep is a common tradition in some countries, particularly those where the weather is warm. Benefits of siesta include boost in cognitive function and stress reduction.

It's possible to trade weather futures. This is useful for insurance companies preparing for cyclones, power companies hedging against a warm winter, or movie companies shooting on location. It is possible to trade weather derivates for over 40 cities and geographic regions world wide.

About El Nino Modoki (modoki meaning "same but different" in Japanese) where warm water occurs in the Pacific Ocean, but not at the equator, causing weather patterns that differ from traditional El Nino events.

Hurricanes Are Made From Warm Ocean Water And Then Realised That Global Warming Can Actually Affect Weather Patterns

Why the colder weather in Europe than the Arctic. all about the polar vortex, jet stream,SSW, global warming.

The cherry blossoms in DC are currently in bloom due to the abnormally warm weather.

Warming your car in cold weather hurts it.

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