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When our ancestors started walking upright on two legs, our skeleton configuration changed affecting our pelvis and making our hips narrower, and that's why childbirth is more painful and longer for us than it is to other mammals.

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The Aquatic Ape Theory suggests that early hominids lived in water part of the time and accounts for our hairless bodies (streamlined for swimming) our upright, two-legged walking (made wading easier) & our layers of subcutaneous fat, which made us better insulated in water (think whale blubber)

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  1. Carnufex, a giant ancient crocodile that walked upright on two feet and lived in North Carolina 231 million years ago

  2. Tyrannosaurus rex was originally thought to have walked fully upright like a kangaroo, and was posed this way in numerous books and movies until the 1970s. Jurassic Park helped present a revised depiction of its posture to the public.

  3. Many human ailments, such as lower back pain, hernias, prolapsed uteruses and our susceptibility to sinus infections result directly from the fact that we now walk upright with a body that was shaped to walk on all fours.

  4. The genetic record suggests humans are only one of at least 16 upright-walking apes that have lived over the last 5-6 million years and we almost went extinct 70,000 years ago when our numbers dropped to around 2,000 individuals.

  5. The upright bass/bass guitarist for the song 'Walk on he Wild Side' by Lou Reed was paid a flat fee of £17 for his work.

  6. Gorilla can stand in the upright position, but it normally walks using all four extremities.

  7. Asiatic black bear can walk both on two and four legs. Unlike many other bears, it can easily travel distance of 1/4 of a mile on two legs. Asiatic black bear uses upright posture to intimidate both its competitors and predators.

  8. Carnotaurus was bipedal animal, which means that its body was upright and that it walked on the hind legs.

  9. Because of a poorly developed cerebellum, there’s a family of humans who never learned to walk upright.

  10. Bonobo has upright skeleton, long legs and narrow shoulders. It walks bipedally (on two legs).

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What are the advantages of walking upright?

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The act of walking is really just falling and catching yourself. A mathematical model suggests that each step we take is a tiny fall, and the random-looking variation in our footfalls is actually a series of corrections to keep ourselves upright.

Oliver the Humanzee. He walked upright, wore clothes and is described as the missing link due to his slightly human characteristics. - source

There was a chimpanzee named Oliver who was thought to be the missing link between chimps and humans due to his tendency to walk upright and human-like facial features. - source

Oliver the Chimp, a "humanzee" who surprised people by walking upright and doing other incredibly humanlike things

Genital Echo Theory: After humans started walking upright, females evolved breasts (and cleavage) to mimic butt cleavage, the original sexual excitation visual for males - source

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Many human ailments, such as lower back pain, hernias, prolapsed uteruses and our susceptibility to sinus infections result directly from the fact that we now walk upright with a body that was shaped to walk on all fours.

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We humans have unusually big butts compared to other animals because we walk upright.

Oliver, an upright walking chimpanzee with human facial characteristics, that smoked cigars, watched television and preferred the company of humans to other chimps.

Ancient supernova might have been responsible for proto-humans walking upright...

About Oliver the "Human Chimpanzee", a Bi-Pedal chimp who lived from 1958 - 2012, walked upright, and behaved like a Human.

Meowth (Team Rocket) is the only talking pokemon, and he taught himself to speak and walk upright to impress a female Meowth who rejected him because she preferred humans.

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