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All "warranty void if removed" stickers are illegal in the US since 1975

how to not void your car warranty?

Apple has a "no smoking" ban regarding every single device they ever made; in other words, if you smoke while using any Apple product, your warranty is void immediately.

What will void the warranty on a car?

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what would void a car warranty?

  1. Warranty void stickers have no legal standing in the US thanks to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act

  2. Warranty-void-if-removed stickers violate U.S. warranty laws but continue to be used because manufacturers know that it's cheaper to buy a new device than to take them to court

  3. The Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act protects your right to use independent repair shops and parts (contrary to what Apple and other electronics makers are doing with "Warranty Void" stickers)

  4. "Warranty Void if removed" stickers and clauses are illegal under a federal law passed in 1975 called the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. The law says that you can open your electronics without voiding the warranty, regardless of what the warranty says.

  5. About the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act which states that it is illegal for a company to void warranties on items that have been self-repaired with third party parts, like phones, gaming consoles, and vehicles.

  6. The "warranty void if broken" stickers found on many electronics are not legally binding due to 'right to repair' legislation passed in 1975.

  7. If the PS4 is damaged by the acts of God, then its warranty is voided.

  8. Smoking Near Apple Computers Voids The Warranty

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What can void a car warranty?

Why does overclocking void warranty?

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Saleen once sold a Ford Focus with a factory installed nitrous kit. The catch was that if you put nitrous in it the engine warranty would be void.

Smoking near apple computers may void the warranty due to nicotine being listed on OSHA’s list of hazardous substances. - source

Harley-Davidson voided warranty because the American flag caused unneeded wind resistance - source

Smoking near Apple computers voids the warranty

You can't void your game consoles warranty unless you cause it to malfunction or break. Meaning those warranty void stickers mean nothing. - source

When is a car warranty void?

'warranty void if removed' stickers are actually illegal, but companies know it is not worth suing over.

How to void warranty on a car?

'warranty void if removed' stickers are illegal under federal law and mean nothing

Despite what companies such as Apple and Microsoft have told you, they cannot legally void your warranty if you've opened up your iPhone, XBox, etc., yourself.

“Warranty Void If Removed” stickers found on phones/computers etc. are invalid in the US, so we can all take apart our gadgets worry free!

Installing VLC Media Player voids your speaker warranty by Dell

When is apple warranty void?

That, although advertised as waterproof, the Sony Z3 series Mobile will let water in and void the warranty in the process. Sony's line is, "This is a waterproof phone. We don't cover damage from water." Thank Sony

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