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Tom Hanks has a brother, Jim Hanks, where a majority of his work is to do voice overs that sound like Tom Hanks.

Don LaFontaine. The guy who famously does the "In a World..." voice overs and has done over 5,000 film trailers.

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  1. All of the cliche deep-voiced movie trailer voice overs were done by one person, who passed away in 2008

  2. Legendary voice-over artist Peter Thomas is still alive and narrating the TV documentary Forensic Files. Thomas is a decorated WWII veteran and has done voice-overs for hundreds of commercials from the 1950s onward

  3. Bill Murray originally agreed to the movie Garfield because he saw Joel Coen was attached to it. When he showed up to do the voice overs he realized "It wasn't written by that Joel Coen."

  4. During the filming of the movie 'Apocalypse Now' Martin Sheen suffered a heart attack and his younger brother Joe Estevez stood in for him in a number of long shots and in some of the voice-overs.

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